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Lakehills TX 78063 - United States



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Energy Healer, Family Coach, Marriage Coach, Marriage Educator, Spiritual Coach

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We all have the right to behave and believe in a way that is natural to us as long as it does not control or interfere personally with anyone else.

About Nancy Webb, PhD

I am a holistic life/spiritual coach, sexual educator with a background in psychological coaching and research, helping those who want to change their life for the better. With spirit in mind and the desire to find our own way through this journey of life I help those who are lost and want to break outside the box of what society deems ok and not ok. 

I am a PhD certified holistic life coach with a secondary PhabD in psychology coaching and research. I work with couples and individuals who want a plan to change their current path or direction. I am the tough coach to help them navigate changes and the cheerleader when they need positive encouragement. When the end of a plan is achieved and is successful I feel like the winning Super Bowl coach.

Alternative lifestyles such as polyamory and other forms of ethical non monogamy are positive ways to enhance all the facets a person possesses without cheating or lying. We have different relationships to fill different facets of ourselves, this extends to romantic love relationships as well. We, as humans, are sexual and sensual beings and addressing those needs in a sex positive honest way is healthy. 

Since November 2015 I have been conducting classes on Polyamory to help the local community learn how to navigate this up and coming popular way to live. The most positive things about polyamory are the amount of self knowledge, communication and ability to fulfill multiple facets of an individual without cheating or lying.

I have developed classes on polyamorous basics, jealousy, sexuality vs intimacy, communication, online dating, sexual etiquette, and a monogamous/polyamorous relationship support group. The group I co-founded, San Antonio Polyamorous Relationships, engage in weekly social events to further mentor those who are learning about polyamory and ethical non-monogamy. 

My husband and I have been polyamorous since 2002 and have found this lifestyle has enhanced our marriage and commitment to each other, especially after his accident in the Air Force that left him a quadriplegic in 2001. We met in 1997 on AOL and have raised 5 children and now have 5 grandchildren and various 4 legged babies. My committed partner and I have been together almost 2 years, meeting on OKC . He is now adding to our family his 3 children. The three of us live in the hill country of Texas. We engage in various hobbies from wood building to fire ant mound sculptures and forging of metal. I also spend a lot of time helping with meals on wheels, American Legion Auxiliary, and other various civic groups. 


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