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The soul knows the way, even when the ego doesn't.

About Nancy Monson

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my page. I'm Nancy Monson, and I am a life transitions coach and midlife crisis expert. I help you successfully navigate life’s transitions so you can create a life you love out of a life that no longer makes your heart sing.

While life is full of transitions, one of the most challenging is the one that occurs around midlife—typically somewhere between ages 40 and 55. For many of us, particularly for professional women, this time in our life is filled with stress, exhaustion, emotional turbulence, career pressures or disappointments, relationship issues, and, of course, physical changes from the hormone shifts as we approach menopause. We find it difficult to manage all that is on our plates, even though we’ve handled things in the past, and frequently struggle to make it through the day. We wonder, “How did I get here? Why am I so unhappy? Is this all there is? Why can’t I manage like I used to?”

If this is you, take heart! My own midlife “crisis” was incredibly difficult, filled with numerous health issues, radical career changes I didn’t expect, the death of both of my parents, and the ending of my engagement. It was devastating to say the least. But I learned from my midlife passage and years of personal work and spiritual study there is a deeper wisdom at work in our lives during midlife that can help us more gracefully and powerfully navigate this confusing and sometimes terrifying time. You can read my story as I'm one of the co-authors in the best-selling anthology, Come Out of Hiding and Shine, which is listed on this page.

What you need to know is that the midlife transition, while challenging, is a tremendous opportunity. A greater sense of meaning, fulfillment, creativity, empowerment and freedom can all be yours if you make the profound, conscious changes this life-transition offers.

The midlife transition is your soul calling you to individuate and create a greater and more authentic and fulfilling expression of you.

You don’t have to navigate this process in the dark. There are predictable phases to the midlife passage, and the first phase is when your life appears to be falling apart. Fortunately, there are tools and processes to help you powerfully navigate each of these phases so you can recreate your life in a more glorious form.

This is the work I do with my clients. I help you consciously and powerfully navigate these phases by guiding you tap to into the wisdom and guidance of your soul—the very essence of who you are. If you’d like to learn more, I have a gift for you—Understanding the Deeper Purpose and Process of the Midlife Transition—my free guide that outlines the four phases and helps you to identify where you are in the midlife transition. Click on this link to access the guide. If you’d like to schedule a complimentary call to talk further, here is the link to book a time on my calendar.

Over the past 20 years, I have helped hundreds of senior leaders, executive teams, and boards, using my unique combination of strategic, intuitive and pragmatic skills coupled with extensive training and education in business, personal growth and spiritual development. I have worked with hundreds of professional women, executive women, women entrepreneurs and women in crisis, both individually as their coach and collectively in workshops I’ve led on leadership, professional development and personal growth. I’ve successfully run my own coaching and consulting company since 2003.

I’m an avid outdoor athlete and spend as much time as I can hiking, biking, trail running and backpacking. In my 30s I climbed rock walls and big mountains, culminating in summiting on Denali (Mt McKinley), the highest peak in North America. You can read my harrowing story as I'm a co-author in the best-selling anthology, Women of Courage, Women of Destiny, listed on this page. I’ve backpacked or hiked on almost every continent, but there are a couple left on my “bucket list.” With 30 years in outdoor adventure and leadership, I've learned that Nature is one of our greatest teachers and greatest healers. It nourishes my heart and soul like nothing else.

Now in my “wise woman years,” I’m devoting my work to supporting women through challenging life transitions who are ready to bring out their fullest feminine radiance and their soul’s authentic purpose.

If you are an accomplished professional woman who is struggling with “managing it all,” realizing that you can’t keep slogging away, then reach out! Your soul—your deeper wisdom that is waiting to be liberated—is here to guide you, and so am I! Together we can create the life your heart longs to live. You can powerfully and gracefully move through the midlife transition to birth a greater more joyous you!

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