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Art Psychotherapist, Counselor/Therapist, Marriage Coach, Teacher

About Nancy Musarra

Nancy Musarra Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in Ohio, USA.  She facilitates First Responder Training Workshops for law enforcement, fire and EMS titled:  Dealing with Autism and Neuro-Developmental Challenges in Public Safety. In this workshop, attendees become familiar with this special population with regard to interviews, social interactions, sensory triggers, and misconceptions about disability.  Attendees will learn practical communication strategies to help manage stressful situations before they escalate into a full-blown crisis.  Her private practice facilitates psychological and competency assessments for municipal courts. 

“What would you do if told your child has a disability?” Disabilities do not discriminate. Anyone’s child can be born with or develop a medical or mental health condition.  Anyone’s child can be involved in an accident, resulting in a lifetime of challenges.  The color of your skin, level of your education or size of your bank account won’t make a difference. When this happened with her child, Dr. Musarra looked for answers.  In her quest, she authored the book, The New Normal; 7 Things to Know as You Care for and Love a Child with Special Needs.”

The book is based on interviews with over 500 parents and caretakers who share their collective wisdom to form the foundation of the seven things to know.  Dr. Musarra and her co-author and daughter Giana travel throughout the United States talking about the Seven Things. 

Dr. Musarra is also the President of KCNA2 Epilepsy Global Support Community. The mission of this organization is to promote education and awareness of this rare form of epilepsy so that research and effective treatments become available around the world. As a mother of three, with one child diagnosed with KCNA2, she combines her clinical skills and experiences to help parents provide the best possible outcome for their child. (www.kcna2epilepsy.org). 

For support, questions or information about workshops, books or first responder trainings, go to www.drnancymusarra.com  and contact Dr. Musarra at  nancy@drnancymusarra.com.


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