7 Unexpected Ways To Make Over Your Life In 2015

Forget dieting and the gym. These expert ideas will help you find real, lasting happiness.


Here are my top 7 tips for making over your life in 2015:

1) Visit a high end department store make-up counter for a make-up and skin care consultation. These are usually free, and even if you don't buy the products they recommend, you can write down the recommendations and then try and find comparable products on your own at your local drug store.

2) Go shopping with the one person who you feel has impeccable taste in clothes. Let them dress you at a department store. Go ahead try the different things on.  See how it feels.  If you don't have a friend with great taste in clothes some better department stores have personal shoppers and consultants.


3) Find a hairstyle that enhances your features and makes you look your best. This is easier than ever, as we now have apps to this for us. I love Virtual Hairstyler, but you can find many out there.

4) Want to quit a person? Send them love, but never, ever speak to them or contact them. You might find this strange, especially if this person hurt you, cheated on you, or won't leave you alone, etc. Take a picture of them, put it by a candle, light the candle nightly and send them love for 5 full minutes.  Visit a professional counselor or minister and share your relationship story. Then promise yourself no contact at all. It's odd how that works. Eventually you will forget the candle ritual completely, and not think about them either. 


5) Interested in a new career? You can find many professional career coaches out there, but you can also now take tests online that will help you understand what best suits your personality. A very useful one is Career Test Center. But ask your friends and family the following question and be ready to accept the answer kindly. "When you see me, what career do you think I would be really happy at?"

6) Want to make over your body? I recommend you start with a good massage. Get in touch with your body. A massage helps you start to love your body. It may not be perfect but it's carrying you through life. You must love it. Then move, promise yourself you will move for 10 minutes a day every day the first week, then 20 minutes a day the second week, then on to 30 minutes a day the third week. Whether you just dance in front of the TV, use a stationary bike, go for a walk, or to the gym.  You must start with loving your body. Do it for love.

7) Get a full physical. Go to a doctor and get bloodwork done, and ensure you are not developing anything like high blood pressure or diabetes. I have clients as young as 28 who have gone to see the doctor and have come to realize the reason they're dragging themselves out of bed every day is that they are developing diabetes or have Multiple Sclerosis. If you need medical care, be aware, be informed and take care of everything. Health equals happiness.