Crave A True Connection With Your Partner? UNPLUG From Your Phone

If you want a true connection with your partner, it's time to UNPLUG!


The other day I went out for a lovely meal with my husband, where we were able to chat and catch up on our own for a change ... with no kids.

I looked over to the table next to us and observed a young couple having dinner. Well, one was on her tablet and the other on their phone enjoying their dinner. There was no conversation; they were simply eating and looking at their electrical gadgets.

Don't get me wrong; I am not judging, I am simply observing and curious about the couple. I wondered if this will be the norm for the next generation, where connection is still important but not necessarily with the person you are with at that moment.


I wonder how this will affect relationships going forward. Research suggests humans need connection to survive. From the day a baby is born it needs to be cuddled; in adulthood, findings show individuals who are single are less likely to live as long as those in long-term relationship.

So the question is, how connected are we? And who are we connecting to? We have a basic need for connection but are we misinterpreting this? Are we craving connection so much that we are becoming disconnected with the use of technology? How is this affecting connection in the true sense?

Connection for me is to be totally present to who I am with. To show the other person true intimacy and respect, love, and care.


What is connection for you? When you think about it, this is no different in one's leadership roles at work:

  • Are you on your phone when you are in meetings?
  • Does the other person feel heard and connected with?
  • Do they feel listened to, respected, or cared for?

These are all important leadership traits. Next time you are in a meeting, out for dinner, or even cozying up with your loved one, why not try to—dare I say it—turn your phone off or leave it at home? You may feel liberated, connected, and free.

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