Looking To Explore In The Bedroom? Try THIS With Your Wife

What is wife sharing and how can it benefit your marriage?


Wife sharing is slightly different from a swinger's lifestyle. In wife sharing, more than one couple have sexual relationships with the wife of different couples. Though this is a taboo in the majority of the traditional marriages, it can be beneficial in one way or another. The only basic thing is that couples should understand that the sex act is not done as a way of cheating, but as a couple.

Here are some of the benefits that you will experience in an open relationship that involves wife sharing:


Fulfilling the Mutual Interest

The involved couples choose partners that they share common interests with and those that they feel comfortable with. In a way, the woman will feel like she has authority over who their man is with, and for most women this could ease the fear of their partners cheating on them. These couples also make rotations of the partners that they feel attracted to.

However, several couples that are not in this type of lifestyle will believe their attractive friends could not possibly understand wife sharing. Typically, you will feel safer to be open around your friends, especially those you share mutual interests with.


Chance For Sexual Eploration

Normally, wife sharing will offer a more comfortable outlet for exploring sex. This is common to bisexual women that are curious about having a different feeling. In this case, the woman will enjoy herself, keeping in mind that her husband is comfortably watching her. However, if women are curious about their bisexual encounter in a bar or a club, they may feel rejected and threatened.

It is difficult to find a lesbian or a bisexual woman in a bar who is willing to share their encounter. On the contrary, such women might want a committed relationship, which will not be friendly to your current one. In addition, you will not have pressure on the woman that is being shared. There is freedom to choose if you want to engage in the other woman or not.

Higher Trust Level


Normally, wife sharing couples tend to have more trust in each other. The couple will be less jealous, especially if the sharing is done for the sake of intimacy, instead of cheating. The woman will not worry about their husband's concern for their whereabouts and their outside relationships. This is because the couple is secure and open about the sharing. Men, on the other hand, who can coddle their passions have a lesser possibility of wandering. Dissimilar to monogamous couples, the lady decides who will have intimate relations with their partners.

Remember, not everyone will accept wife sharing, but it is important to have trust and open communication in a relationship. This is more important to those who are engaging in the sharing lifestyle. In this kind of a relationship, you can explore your fantasies and sexual pleasures freely and in a safer way. If you are open enough, you will enjoy the wife sharing lifestyle, without hurting anyone's feelings or causing any controversies in any situation.