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The Top 10 Lies Women Tell Men

Women? So enigmatic! So mysterious! Women have more layers of lies compared to an onion. As a man, you need to understand that many women often mean the opposite of what they say. They are just funny creatures on earth! Sometimes, their lies can be a little bigger especially on the sex subject. Do not worry. I would like to expose some the top lies that women often tell men.

Here are the top 10 lies women tell men.

1. "I’ve slept with [X] guys."

Maybe she is just making things up or maybe she is just down. This may give her an opportunity to attract your attention. Most of the women often lie about their sexual partners to gauge the reaction of men. To increase the possibility of her telling the truth, you need to make her first to confess. Look! You will realize that it was just a fiction.

2. "That was great."

Listen, nobody is pointing fingers. Most of the times bad sex can be a no-fault proposition. However, if it is not great for her, she might not be willing to enlighten you on this matter. Whether she is just not that into it tonight or she is just not that into you, it is hard for many women to be open about sex, if the experience isn’t good. You need to rely on the language of her body instead. This will definitely help you discover the truth on her words.

3. "I will never cheat on you."

Do you recall that show on the VH1, "Tough Love: The Couples?" What was the main cause of the screaming fights? Spouse cheating. Alternatively, to be more specifically, lying to him about cheating. It is not easy to tell somebody when you have messed up; that fallout can sometimes be brutal. Recall: What you do not know will always spare you.

4. "I weight [X]."

Here’s the real thing. Women can never lie about their body weight because of a man. Their reasons for lying are best known to themselves. You should remember that not all women would lie about their weight if they have mischievous purposes. May be some would like to weigh less, others struggling with underweight issues and would like to add more weight. For sure, no woman on this earth will ever tell you the truth about her real weight.

5. "Sure, you can always call me."

Sometimes, when woman are face-to-face with a dude, and he’s asking her out on the first or even a second date, it is tough for her to say no. All women want to be nice to guys, and they will never say no. They don’t want to be the heartbreakers. They will always tell you to call them to get the answer and for sure, this would definitely be the last time you are seeing them.

6. "I’ll be ready on a minute."

Listen, women are the most complicated human beings on keeping time. From taking a shower, moisturizing themselves, putting numerous types of beauty products, look at their sophisticated/spectacular/sexy appearance before ready to go, they will never keep time. Guys if you have a date with one, you have to be patience. They are slow movers!

7. "I don’t know."

They don’t know. If they are going to get into agreement on particular thing, most of them will always say, "I don’t know," for sure, they know the answer. Most of them use this when avoiding men’s questions. Next time she tells you, I don’t know, you should understand that she has an answer already. They may not be just ready to let you know their decision.

8. "That was delicious!"

If you cooked, and they do not care on how it tastes, they will tell you, "That was delicious!" They will tell you they love it, when it is good. Love them for that.

9. "I’m fine."

When a woman tells you she is fine, something is definitely bothering her. You should use her body language to tell whether she is fine or not. This means that you have to be in a position to tell her mood depending on her actions and not words. As a man, you need to find out what is wrong with her depending on her moods.

10. "It was on sale."

It was not. Deal with it.

In conclusion, the above top 10 lies women tell men should help men understand them better especially when living as a family or in a relationship.