4 Reasons Why Having An Open Relationship Helps So Many Struggling Marriages

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4 Reasons to be in an Open Marriage

Being in an open marriage can sometimes be a good idea for married couples, especially when one or both partners are not sexually satisfied in a marriage.

When both parties agree to be involved in this type of relationship, they will be involved in extramarital affairs without being regarded as infidelity.

In fact, it is seen as a normal practice which has been discussed and agreed. There are many partners who are not satisfied in their relationships, and the best way to eliminate that desire to feel sexual satisfaction is to engage in such a relationship.

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They want to experience what other people who are satisfied feel. When they are caught by their partners, it becomes infidelity and this may lead to the breakup of the couple and their family if they do not have an open marriage.

Open relationships are best when it is through a mutual agreement. Below are some of the benefits of an open marriage: 

1. Both partners will have sexual satisfaction.

This is mainly because when one partner is not able to satisfy the other partner, then they have another option for getting the satisfaction.

There are many married couples who are in a relationship and are not satisfied. When they attend swingers parties, the partner may meet other people who are experts and they will get the satisfaction they want. This is not likely to happen in the case of a monogamous relationship, where the partners are faithful to each other. Instead, they are suffering since most of them are not satisfied or open with each other about their sexual desires.

They may never feel sexual satisfaction such as an orgasm or may lose interest a few years into their marriage known as the 7-year itch.

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2. It enhances faithfulness in marriage.

If there is something that can promote fidelity in married couples, it is this type of relationship.

The couples will only engage in the extra affairs after they have agreed together through a mutual discussion and setting forth rules. They will analyze the problems they are facing in marriage related to sexual satisfaction and look for solutions together.

In most marriages, the main cause of unfaithfulness is when one of the partners is looking for satisfaction elsewhere. If they are not in an open marriage, they will not share their problems and one of the partners may be forced to be unfaithful.

3. The partners will discover new sex techniques.

Being in this type of relationship is one of the best methods to learn new ideas and styles. When you are involved in this relationship, you will have sex with other people who know the sexual positions that are more pleasurable.

You can copy those procedures and styles and improve your sexual acts with your partner. This will give you a chance to completely enjoy the sexual act.

4. The partners will have confidence and courage to face each other when there is a problem.

When the partners agree to be part of open marriage, it builds confidence and trust. This is because they are able to share their private problems openly and even find solutions together.

In case of any other problem, they will face it together and find solutions together.

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Mike Hatcher is a sex coach who has been writing about open relationships, swinging and sex, and relationship advice for alternative sex lives.