We Can Have Real Romance In Las Vegas, You Say?!

Whether you are looking to get married, have a romantic vacation or have an amazing honeymoon.

Viva Las Vegas

Whether you are looking to get married, have a romantic vacation, or have an amazing honeymoon, Las Vegas is the place to go. Thousands of people go to Las Vegas to tie the knot and even more book Las Vegas romantic vacations to celebrate their love in style.

While many people think of Las Vegas as a place to gamble, it is really a destination that provides beautiful scenery, gourmet restaurants, amazing shows, and an endless amount of activities for you and your lover to enjoy. Las Vegas never shuts down and it offers you activities and romance at any hour during the day or night. In short, whatever fits your mood is here.


The only downside to Las Vegas romantic vacations is that there may be too much to choose from. This is why you should get a sense of what activities you want to engage in and what sights you want to see before you book your vacation. You can always change your mind while you are there, but knowing in advance can help you enjoy your vacation more and concentrate on the romance.

Romantic Spots In Las Vegas

  • The Stratosphere Tower

One of the most popular spots is the Stratosphere Tower. It opened in 1996 and it is a 1,149 foot tall tower that leaves you speechless at the top. In fact, it is so high up that you can see helicopters at eye level. It overlooks the strip, and its view is sought after by celebrities and tourists alike.


The Stratosphere Tower also offers thrill rides to get your adrenaline pumping. It is interesting to note that adrenaline is one of the chemicals           released when people fall in love. It creates feeling such as euphoria, and by doing activities that get your adrenaline pumping, you can re-create the feelings you had with your partner when you first met them. Talk about creating romance!

  • Paris Las Vegas

The Paris Las Vegas location offers the Eiffel Tower experience. It is the ultimate romantic setting without having to go to Paris. At a height of about 50 stories above the ground you are able to see the entire valley. While it is about half the size of the original, there are many similarities between them. For instance, the observation deck is enclosed for safety and a glass elevator allows you to admire the view as you ride to the top. You can also dine in the elegant restaurant on the 11th floor that offers breathtaking views.

Of course you can always go to the spectacular Grand Canyon by the Colorado River. It is an experience that will take you and your lover's breath away, and if you want to enjoy Las Vegas away from the hustle and bustle of the strip for a few hours, or for your whole trip, then this is the place for you.

  • Stillwater Spa At The Lake Tahoe Resort

Would you rather get pampered together as a part of your location? Las Vegas has that covered as well. For instance, you can go to the Stillwater Spa at the Lake Tahoe Resort. There you can choose from a variety of romantic programs, such as the Couples Stillwater Romance Package where you can enjoy an aromatherapy bath by candlelight after you receive a relaxing massage. This resort will leave you and your partner feeling relaxed, connected, and full of romance.


Romantic Restaurants

As we said, the Eiffel Tower offers an elegant restaurant from the 11th floor that will leave you and your lover feeling on cloud nine. However, there are many more romantic restaurants to choose from when planning your Las Vegas vacation. Skip the buffets and head out to restaurants that cater to beauty, taste, and emotions.

For instance, the Lakeside restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas will delight your senses site with huge pillars and oversized pebbles. The restaurant faces the beautiful Lake of dreams with nightly light shows. There are also 6 pages of wine to choose from to help you complement your food and increase the romantic evening.

Hotels Cater To Romance In Las Vegas


Las Vegas hotels know that thousands of people come with romance in mind. This is why you will find romance packages at most hotels. Romantic suites, complimentary dining and a romantic activity or two are included in most romance packages. All you have to do is find the package that offers you and your lover the experience you want to have.

In the end, Las Vegas romantic vacations are the ultimate in romance and fun. There are so many choices for romantic hotels, activities and restaurants that every couple will be able to find the romantic vacation they are looking for.