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4 Ways To Hook Up With Swingers — WITHOUT Awkwardness

The main venues of meeting real swingers are the online dating sites and maybe some discreet swingers club. Many would-be swingers may find meeting discreetly isn't a good idea at all.

1. Search online. It's easier to build those relationships and get to know one another. There as a couple you can take your time and contact the other couple in a confidential manner. You'll start by filing forms and send messages as required by every website you are participating in. The next stage involves sending messages to your preferred couple; this process may go on until you get a suitable couple for you since you may not like others.

2. Get to know each other virtually first. Immediately, the two couples start communicating and exchanging email messages for a while, it's good to take time to get to know each other since you are building a relationship. Basically, you can see from their profile pictures and their tone of communication that they are a likely couple suited for you. Find out their likes and dislikes. Their communication this time is coupled with better photos to supplement their initial photos from your first communications with them. At this level, you as a couple need to send more of your tasteful photos to confirm your commitment.

3. Make a phone call. The swinger couples you are communicating with may be more experienced than you, so take your time and review how they are communicating through the emails and their profile. Emailing and a profile may not give as clear a picture as a telephone conversation does, so at this point, you should try to spend a good amount of time talking over the phone, which is great opportunity to find out your compatibility.

4. Meet up — in public first. Most couples, after a few email and or phone exchanges, decide on a meet and greet, where they meet at dinner or a party of sorts. Timing is everything. If a couple wants you to come to their home for dinner, it may be too soon. You might consider meeting in a public place as you are still feeling each other out. Nothing is promised nor expected. You can suggest for a meeting in a well-appointed restaurant or a lounge within the nearby town.

In a nutshell, real swingers and swinging may not be as easy as people think, but you should take time to find the right couple for you and build the relationship first.