Affection Is The Key To Creating Sparks In Your Relationship

Every single day in our life, someone ties the knot with the person of his dreams, or someone gets down on their knees to propose the person he or she has always loved. It all looks and sounds sweet but what next? Often, as it happens, the initial love and passion fizzles out in the face of pressing problems, obligations and other things. Soon, you start finding that your relationship does not have that same spark or affection anymore. So, what do you do? Ideally, you should take the initiative and do something to be more loving and affectionate in your equation with your partner.

Don’t Ask, Just Act

One of the biggest mistakes that most husbands would make is that they would try to ask their wives whether they would like this or that. That is a mistake that most wives do as well, in a way of being earnest. The problem is that asking means as if you are doing your partner some kind of favor. Rather, the best thing would be to go out of your way and do whatever you are planning in mind. It is when your partner learns of this sudden action, you'll be delighted with the results in store for you.

Communicate Better

In the midst of a tiff or a nasty argument with your partner, there is one way in which you can learn how to be more affectionate. In such a juncture, you may be thinking of sending some messages and text mails to your partner. The problem is that such means of communication are quite formal and businesslike. But the best thing for you would be to communicate in a more affectionate way. You can send the same SMS and text messages and mails but you can add some nice poems or love phrases so as to make your messages look more affectionate.


One of the ways as to how to be more affectionate is to send certain greetings from time to time. If you are a wife, then the best thing would be to greet your husband from time to time. When he is returning from a hectic day at work, it is up to you to actually greet him a Good Evening or something like that. Similarly, if you are a husband, you can actually greet a nice Good Morning to your wife when she is just about to rise from the bed. Doing this will actually help you to become more affectionate.

Kiss And Hug

There are few things which will work better than kissing and hugging someone in times of distress. Physical affection has to be one of the best ways as to how to be more affectionate. you can choose to kiss your partner whenever you feel like doing it. When you two had an argument, then you must instantly make the move and kiss and hug your partner lovingly whenever things quiten down. This means that you will be able to make up and your partner will feel rather reassured about your love for him or her as well. This is a great solution.

Hold The Hands

Have you ever heard the Beatles hit "I Wanna Hold Your Hand?" Well, if you haven't and if you are a man, you should definitely give it a try. This is because a simple holding of the hands cab make a world of difference. When you and your partner are out dining and in the case that a sudden argument arises, then you should go out of your way to hold the hands of your partner in a way so that she or he starts feeling reassured as well. So, holding the hands is very important so as to be more loving.

Give and Take

90 percent of all the solutions fail because people simply learn to do too much without taking anything in return. At times, people may also take a lot, that is forcing their partners to make all the changes. The real trick is that you should learn to make some compromises and changes even as your partner does it. You should learn how to give and take your part of the share of love and affection. This is another way as to how to become more affectionate.