3 Fool-Proof Steps You Should Take To Keep An Ex Boyfriend Away

Is an ex boyfriend giving you problems or following you? Find out how to avoid an ex boyfriend.


Breaking up is always traumatic. Men and women have different ways to respond to their breakup. If you're the one to call it off, chances are that your ex-boyfriend will make plenty of efforts to get in touch with you. The reason could be anything from harassing you or begging you to come back. But, if you are sure of your decision, you will not want him to contact you in any way.

If you've called it a day with your boyfriend, you must be looking for ways on how to avoid an ex boyfriend. Is he pressuring you anyway to stay in contact? Does he keep bugging you with useless messages on your social profiles? If you want to stop the ex from getting in touch with you, follow the below given tips to avoid him successfully:


Return Your Ex's Possessions

The first step to avoid your ex-boyfriend is to return all his gifts, cards and everything he has ever given to you during your relationship. This is ensure that he doesn't get any reason to get in contact with you. Some guys make this a very good reason to maintain the touch. The possessions are not just limited to gifts, but also things like jackets, handkerchief, shoes or anything that you have kept of him with you. Returning items will ensure it is easier to go for a very clean sweep. Then, in addition to this, this will also prevent all kinds of awkward happenings in future, especially when he will ask for his things back. To avoid future hassles, it is important to take this step today!


Remove Him From All Social Networking Lists

Do you think being in touch on social networks is a good idea? A lot of girls think that social network sites are a good and safe way to be in touch, without being in "touch." Reality is that any mode of communication, be it offline or online, can prove to be the starting point of irritations and frustrations, if you don’t want to be contacted by him at all.

Technically, it doesn't make any sense to keep your ex in any of your social site when you're no longer in relationship with him. If you keep him, then there would be a chance of interaction. Unless you decide to stay friends with him, remove him from all your social networking profiles. Best is to block him from everywhere. This will prevent him to make any kind of contact with you and he will avoid messaging you. Since this will make his ego hurt, he’ll avoid making the first move. Removing your ex-boyfriend from your networking lists will also remove your temptation to check-up on his profiles to know what he is doing in life.

Take a Very Firm Stand


If you're the one to initiate the breakup with your ex, he may still be wanting to talk to you or harbor secret feelings and hoping to come back together. It won’t be good to give him fake hopes of getting together, if you’ve made up your mind to call it off permanently. Tell him firmly about your intentions. Make your stance clear when you breakup so he knows his waiting will not do any good to him.

A friendly call or short messages can send out mixed signals, making him more vulnerable and resistant to accept the reality. Squash these hopes before your ex starts getting the wrong idea. Mixed signals will make his urge to talk to you more strong and that will eventually affect your peace of mind. If possible, change your cell phone number or ignore the messages until your ex-boyfriend gets it very clear that you don't want him to contact you anymore.

Even if cheating was involved, breakup is not easy for anyone, and even if you're the one to initiate it, its going to be a tough time for everyone involved. You need time to get over your past, and if you're certain of your decision, it's important to take right steps at the right time.

Begin by returning his possessions, block him from all means of communication, change your cell phone number and ask your friends to not forward his call to you. Try all these methods and you are sure to get over your ex-boyfriend in a short possible time. Yes, it is possible and easily doable.