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10 years +


Parker CO 80134 - United States



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Dating Coach, Divorce Coach, Life Coach, Matchmaker, Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Healer

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

About Laura Brown


With an alchemic blend of intuitive insights and coaching I provide my clients with a breathtaking, 360-degree tour of the present, a sky high flight into the future and an actionable plan for creating all that you desire in love. 

As an intuitive reader I seek to illuminate the path before you and provide you with the support needed as you work towards your highest relationship goals. My goal with my work is to remind women that the starting block to any healthy external relationship is a strong and ample internal relationship with the self. 

I want to give my clients permission to have fun, live out loud, love themselves for the exceptional Goddess they are and never settle for less than absolute mind-blowing love. I believe in reconnecting women to their voice, their desires and to not hide from them. This is a journey that is deeply personal to me and a calling that reaches the deepest parts of my soul. 

I reside in Colorado with my family and can most often be found on the yoga mat, in the kitchen whipping up a delicious treat or curled up with a glass of wine/tea and a good book. 

Laura Brown Success Stories

Client Review: Cherie Stine

Women dealing with work related stress

Recently I had a reading with Laura Brown. Not to talk about a broken heart or when my next boyfriend would show up. Not to dissect drama with friends or to discuss family karmic issues. I set up an appointment with her for guidance on a business issue. I had been "chasing my tail" around and around on a choice I needed to make. I hoped she could add some clarity to what seemed like a confusing and complex fork in the road. In our short time together on the phone, Laura was able to almost immediately cut to the chase. She swept away all the layers of emotions (yes, even in business), and pinpointed the heart of the matter. She briefly referenced the history of the dilemma in a simplified fashion (did I mention I held the belief that it was complex? ) She walked me down both paths - pros and cons - and most likely outcomes of each path. She told me everything I already knew to be true, but couldn't see until she boiled it down. It's almost as if she showed me my own truth. I hung up from that call with perfect clarity. What a gift! I wanted to share with the group only because I'm not sure why I didn't call her earlier in the process. I believe sometimes we seek guidance in some areas of our lives, but not in others - in the "heart" areas but never the "brain" areas. Tarot is such a wonderful tool - and Laura is a talented and gifted coach - in any situation.

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