5 Places You Can Find Inspiration In Your Everyday Life When You're Struggling With Depression

Depression will try ruin your happiness. Don't let it.

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There are many types of depression, and if you've ever struggled with being depressed, you know how alone and sad you can feel. Happiness probably feels like a far-off dream.

But when you recognize the signs of depression, you need to know that there are small ways you can deal with depression and find the inspiration to keep going.

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Figuring out how to stop being depressed isn't a single press of a button; it does require effort, which you might struggle with, even with high-functioning depression.

Are you feeling really down and looking to find inspiration? Does the world seem hopeless and do you feel helpless and would you do anything to feel just a little bit better?

Even if you might be feeling hopeless and full of despair, there are things out there in the world that will help you get through your day.

Here are 5 places you can find inspiration for happiness when you're battling depression:

1. Look to those you love

I remember when my kids were little and I was depressed, the prospect of taking care of them seemed like too much to bear. And then they would smile.


I would walk into their room in the morning and be greeted with the kind of smile kids saved for their mothers and it would melt my heart. It would also give me hope that my day, and my life, really were okay and that I could do this.

When you're depressed, being with those who love you is the best thing for you. Looking into the eyes of your mother or sister or friend and seeing love and compassion can fill you with the strength to move forward in spite of your depression

Spending time laughing and sharing with people you care about is the best medicine for feeling depressed. Who would your person be?

2. Take a look outside

An amazing place to find inspiration when feeling depressed is in the great outdoors.


I know that when I'm feeling depressed, getting out for a walk or a hike is the best thing I can do. I put my earbuds in, turn up my music loud and walk hard.

Or I walk slowly, taking notice of all of that is good out there in the natural world. I pause, sit in the sun and take stock of what is going on around me. There is something about noticing how the big and beautiful the world is that makes my problems seem small and less ugly.

A bonus of getting outside when you're feeling depressed is that you get more sunshine and sunshine, and the vitamin D that you get from it is a natural anti-depressant. Many people struggling with depression are vitamin D deficient, so spending time in the sun can remedy that.

What do you like to do outdoors? I know it might feel hard to motivate but get up off the couch right now and get out there. You will be glad you did!


3. Watch your favorite TV show

One of the best things to do when you are feeling depressed is to shut down your brain.

When you're depressed, your brain is your worst enemy. You spend time focusing on how sad you are, what a loser you are, how you'll never be happy again, how could someone possibly love you ... And those thoughts just make everything worse.

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What’s the best way to shut down these thoughts? Mindless TV.

I know when I'm depressed, The Walking Dead is my go-to show. There is something about the end of the world that seems very cathartic to me. I have also learned that adrenaline is a natural antidepressant and I know that helps, but I also know the characters well and are invested in their futures.

Most of all, it takes my mind off of whatever it is I am stewing about that's bringing me down.

What show could you watch today? After you get yourself off the couch and take a walk, that is.

4. Find where you can make a difference

When I was going through my divorce and was terribly depressed, I needed something to do to get out of the house, so I decided to do some volunteer work.


Every week I would spend four hours working at the food pantry, helping register new customers. Talking to people who needed free food was so helpful for my depression because interacting with these people, listening to their stories, and helping them get what they needed made me feel really good.

I knew that I was making a difference in someone’s life and that felt really good.

Is there somewhere you can do some volunteer work? The opportunities are endless: Animal shelters, libraries, food pantries, hospitals.

Get yourself out there making a difference in the world and you will feel your depression lift, if only for a while.

5. Take stock of the good in your life

When I'm sitting outside in the grass after taking my walk, I like to take stock of all that's good in my life. Instead of running through all of the negatives, I review and write down all that's good.


I have my kids, my boyfriend, my kitty, my home, my life coaching business, and much more. Looking at my list helps me manage the hopelessness that is my constant companion when I am depressed.

Another thing that I do, because sometimes it’s hard to take stock when I am feeling down, is that, when I'm not feeling depressed, I make a list of all of the things that are good in my life so that I can access it when depression hits.

This way, I can pull out my list and remember all of the things that make my life worth living and that helps manage my depression in a big way.


What is good in your life? I know it might seem hard to access right now but dig deep. Can you name three things? I bet you can!

Finding inspiration when feeling depressed is an excellent way to manage your depression, at least for the short term.

Finding little things that can help you feel better in the moment might really help you pull yourself out of your depression.

That being said, it’s important to remember that, if your depression doesn’t go away or seems to get worse, it is essential that you see your primary care doctor and figure out how to treat it. Managing depression on your own isn’t always possible and the longer it goes untreated the worse it will get.


Depression can be debilitating, so good for you for trying to figure out ways to manage it. You are one step closer to having it under control so that you can live your best life!

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Mitzi Bockmann is an NYC-based certified life coach and mental health advocate. She works exclusively with women to help them to be all that they want to be in this crazy world in which we live. Contact her for help or send her an email.