Is Showering Right After Sex Normal?

Is Showering Right After Sex Normal?

Recently, a question was submitted to me asking me whether it was normal to shower after sex. The person that wrote was upset because she felt like her boyfriend couldn't wait to wash her off, which in turn made her feel like she was dirty. 

This is a common topic and if you're reading this, at some point or another, you've probably been in the situation where you like a quick rinse off or you like to stay in bed saturated in your juices.

Neither are the wrong answer and no, this woman certainly isn't dirty, it's simply a personal choice.

When I hear this situation, I first like to encourage both partners to sit down and discuss this. Most of the time, if the partner just voices it, the other one (usually has no idea) will amend the situation immediately. 

If your partner is insisting on rinsing after sex, which is fine, you both need to come to a place of acceptance. I wouldn't give the advice for each partner to just compromise, her take showers with him or asking him to stop showering because they'll both be unhappy without getting what they want.

It's about acceptance and taking yourself out of the situation and seeing your partner's need and looking at your needs and determining if this is something you can live with. Asking someone who likes to go to bed all zippy clean to not shower is going to make them uncomfortable. You don't want that do you?

The key in all relationships is to accept as much as you can and in turn hopefully you get to accepted too. 

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