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1-3 years


Kampala KMP 26285 - Uganda



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Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate. Carl Gustave Jung

About Phoebe Luwum

Until March 2013, I had a career and lifestyle many considered enviable, but despite this I was aware that something was missing in my life. I found myself questioning if I was really making a difference in anyone’s life doing what I was doing. Also, although I wanted to be in a relationship and was considered quite a catch, I was still single into my forties! Something always went wrong whenever I thought I’d found ‘the one’. I’d read a book in my teens about a girl, Ihuoma, who was the wife of a spirit god and whose spirit husband always sabotaged her earthly relationships with men. Inside I felt like I was a kind of tragic Ihuoma and many people in my life re-enforced my silent myth: a friendly colleague told me she believed that I had a malevolent force working against my relationships and offered to take me for special prayers. A relative, consulted a native doctor on my behalf, a man who was developing a romantic interest in me was advised to keep away, that I was kisirani – getting involved with me brought misfortune!

As I struggled to keep my head above this sea of negativity, I developed a health problem that I now know was a result of my mindset. A childhood friend sent me a link to some inspirational coaching audios by Creative Mind Media and, as I listened to those recordings talking about the Creative Mind Method for self realisation, I knew intuitively that the answer to my problems lay in this work.
As my consciousness expanded during the Creative Mind Process I finally begun to attract and create the kind of life that I desired. Within three months of doing this work I met a wonderful spiritual man who not only loves me as I am but whose orientation and life purpose complements my own new purpose. I felt deeply inspired to help people find the love and the power within themselves to create their own destiny. I enrolled in the Creative Love Coaching Academy and in June 2013, became a Certified Creative Mind Coach. I quit my job in the development sector and created my own business, Mind of Love. My mission is to offer people an alternative to the methods that are currently out – therapy, healing, dating tips and other persona or surface-level work.

The Creative Mind Model of coaching is a process that is based on real Science - Jungian psychology – and eastern philosophy. It teaches you to understand and work with your entire mind, including the unconscious level, to create true love in your life. My methods include the use of visualisation and dream analysis and are fun to work with. As a Certified Creative Mind Coach I’m part of a global network of coaches that are specialised in Creative Mind coaching.

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