10 Ways To Get That Hot Guy At The Gym To Notice You

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Get Hot Men At The Gym To Notice You
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You know you're dying to talk to him!

No doubt, there are a lot of attractive men at your gym. But how do you meet them? In particular — how do you catch the attention of that one super hot guy you're seriously crushing on? 

Do you wish you could say hello but just can't muster the courage? 

Here are 10 easy things you can do to meet your boyfriend at the gym:

1. Take off your ear buds

When you wear earphones, you're in your own little world and signal to others that you're not accessible. Take them off so men can approach you!

2. Ask him to spot you

Head over to the free weights (there are lots of men there). If you see someone you’re interested in, smile and ask him to spot you. Men ask for spotters all the time, so it's no big deal.

3. Ask for help with a lifting technique

If you aren’t sure how to use a specific machine or how to do an exercise (or, even if you are), ask for a little help. Men love to help out.

4. Make friends with the staff

Get to know the trainers and the staff at your gym. Casually let them know you're single, and ask them to introduce you to the guy you've had your eye on.  

5. Wear a smile

Smiling makes you approachable. Men prefer to talk to women who look friendly, kind and happy. I know it's hard to smile while you're working out, but give it a try between sets. 

6. Make eye contact

If you see someone you're interested in, look him in the eye and hold eye contact for a few extra seconds. It's natural to want to look away, but you can do it! Practice maintaining eye contact. It gets easier with practice and sends a clear signal that you're interested.

7. Take a class

Most gyms offer weekly classes. Go regularly and get to know everyone. Arrive early and place your mat next to his — proximity makes conversation easier. If you take a spin class, book the bike next to his.

8. Introduce yourself

It's OK to make the first move. Just say "Hi there, I'm __________", and see what happens. You'll be nervous at first, but practice makes perfect. Just do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

9. Make friends with his friends 

Chat with other women and make new friends. Maybe one of them knows the guy you have your eye on, and she can introduce you.

10. Compliment him

A sincere compliment is always appreciated. And compliments are great ice-breakers. Like his florescent yellow running shoes? Tell him they're cool!

Give these 10 tips a try, and let me know how quickly they work for you. 

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