Nice Guy Blues: Can't Figure Out Women?

Nice guy blues: can't figure out women?

Are you a guy who cannot get past the first date? Does your experience with women lead you to believe they are only interested in handsome, wealthy men? Do you wonder why so many women have told you they just want to be friends? Do you often hear what a nice guy you are and how the right woman is out there waiting for you? If so, you are understandably frustrated and probably pretty angry. If you are indeed angry, you may be doing things that are making it worse for you. If you are frustrated and angry with women, you are even less likely to attract a woman you are interested in. If you are spending all your time in online chat rooms where the theme is how rotten all women are, you are wasting your energy and decreasing your chances of finding the one for you. If you have sworn off dating altogether, thinking you are better off alone, you are probably becoming angrier by the minute. What if, instead of nursing all that anger, you do something radically different? How can you channel that angry energy into something that can work in your favor? Here's the deal: you must get yourself educated. Remember the phrase "Knowledge is power"? You need to get yourself a big old dose of power in the form of learning something new. Women know this, so they are already way ahead of you. So many of the self-improvement books lining the shelves at your local book store are aimed at women. You know why? Because women tend to read them much more often than men! If you want to have a sporting chance at improving your luck dating, start with yourself. Yes, you are probably thinking, "Why can't she just accept me the way I am?" While that is a great question, here is another one for you: "Is the way you are doing things now getting you the results you want in dating and finding the one for you?" And by the way, luck in dating is greatly increased when you work on yourself. So learn what you are doing that turns you into "just a friend" and work on making yourself attractive to women. If you let yourself, you will find that you actually enjoy creating a new you. A chick magnet, if you will. How does that sound? In addition, I urge you to learn all you can about women. understanding what makes them tick gives you a leg up. Way too many men have no clue how women think and they resign themselves to just remaining frustrated. When you have a better understanding about how women think and feel, you can relate to them better. Anyone can learn to attract women and get out of the friend zone. If you want to get started right away learning how to attract the one for you, check out Facilidating: dating made easy for men at