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Why One Expert's Treatment Plan For Anxiety Has Clients Calling Her "The Mind Detective"

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For many, anxiety can be debilitating and overwhelming.

It’s the fear, the feeling that wakes you up in the middle of the night with your heart pounding, your palms sweaty and your mind spinning.

This feeling of dread can take over your body and manifest as other physical conditions as well like chronic migraines, IBS, hypertension and so much more.

If you find yourself procrastinating, hiding out, or just plain avoiding the things that once brought you joy, happiness and success, there's some good news for you. You can overcome these feelings and reclaim your joy with the right treatment plan for anxiety.

Over the last two decades, I’ve worked with thousands of people, helping them quiet those inner voices of dread and calm their minds, hearts, and spirits.

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My clients call me the Mind Detective because my treatment plan for anxiety helps them get at the root cause of their suffering, angst, and oftentimes, and physical pain as well.

Your mind is a powerful place.

Your subconscious mind holds the keys to many of the ideas, beliefs, and habits that you’ve been operating under your entire life.

The tricky part is that your subconscious mind is not readily accessible from a conscious state of mind, so you can’t get at those stubborn beliefs that are causing you pain.

You just know that "something is off-kilter" that leaves you feeling the way you do.

I’ve found through my work that most of us have unkind ideas about ourselves that we hold deep in our subconscious minds.

These limiting beliefs are often formed in childhood as a way to cope with the circumstances that life throws at us.

Your brain has not yet reached its full growth and capacity until the approximate age of 24 when your prefrontal cortex is fully formed. This is the part of the brain that's important in impulse control, risk-taking behavior, and judgment.

As a young person, your brain is still under construction, thus making it difficult to think critically and rationally before making complex decisions, especially when it comes to who you see yourself to be in the world and how to stay safe.

This makes it nearly impossible at a young age to process your emotions when faced with challenges or traumas.

As children, our brains are sponges, just taking in information. And if you were repeatedly told you weren’t enough, you were dumb or unworthy by a parent or caregiver, your young brain just takes in that information as fact.

It's just not equipped to understand that their words or actions probably had little to do with the precious child you were but were all about their own wounds, fears, and lack of self-esteem and self-love.

Bottom line, you’ve got some junk in your trunk, my friend. Old baggage that was put there by other people in your life that you’ve been carrying around for many years, believing it was the Truth about who you are.

The Truth about your worth, value, abilities, and being enough just as you are.

It's these false beliefs that are at the heart of your anxiety.

Time and time again in my work as a coach and hypnotherapist, I have helped clients get at the root cause. We've found out exactly where they adopted those limiting beliefs about themselves and then change them.

By having them relax into an alpha brainwave state (that half-awake, half-asleep place), I’m able to assist clients in accessing those beliefs held deeply in their subconscious programming.

It’s here where you gain access to those sometimes hidden or completely buried ideas about yourself and rewrite them. Overriding the old, well-worn grooves in your neural pathways with new empowering beliefs about yourself.

In this alpha-brain wave state, scenes and events from your past will bubble up to the surface where we can review them through your adult brain.

Utilizing your now fully formed adult, rational mind to make new decisions about yourself, your worth, your value, and the brilliance that you bring to the world.

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This process is combined with a customized "Transformation Recording" that I make for each client.

Their recording instills new empowering thoughts, habits, and strategies for success, mixed with relaxing binaural beat music which they listen to it each night as they drift off to sleep.

It’s the repetition of listening to these unique recordings over the course of 30 days that are literally rewiring your brain with new neural pathways of seeing yourself and the world.

You might be wondering, "How this is different from just saying positive affirmations to yourself?"

Here’s the answer; if you’re telling your conscious mind these positive beliefs but they’re being laid over a faulty foundation of negative beliefs held in your subconscious mind, your subconscious will always win.

It’s crucial to release the old beliefs and replace them in order for the positive transformations to take hold, grow and flourish.

I’m called the Mind Detective because I help my clients find the hidden clues held deep in their subconscious that have been keeping them stuck in patterns of fear, anxiety, worry and lack of self-worth, which continues to impact them as an adult.

We find various clues which you’re able to connect together to gain a deeper understanding of how you came to believe the beliefs you’ve been believing for all these years.

Then, we consciously choose new beliefs to instill instead.

And with that understanding comes immense power over anxiety and the brain.

The power to reclaim your peace of mind and give yourself permission to fully just be you. Perfectly imperfect.

I use a unique Rapid Rewiring treatment plan for anxiety that brings together a powerful combination of healing modalities to help clients reset their beliefs and thoughts about themselves in 90 days.

It’s based on years of study in the realms of coaching, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic therapy, reiki, neurolinguistic programming, neuroscience, and epigenetics to create long-lasting results.

It's possible to rewire your thinking and reclaim your peace of mind.

One client recently told me our work together was a "complete game-changer" for her after suffering from anxiety her entire life.

She found greater freedom in being her authentic self, enabling her to show up in her work and her life with greater joy, satisfaction, passion, and purpose.

What old belief are you ready to release?

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Michele Molitor C-Hyp, is a certified coach, hypnotherapist, and co-author of the book: “Breakthrough Healing.” She has helped busy professionals for 20 years to overcome Imposter Syndrome, increase their confidence and self-esteem, and rapidly reduce their anxieties.