How To Enhance Your Sex Life Using Your Imagination

When it comes to your sexual satisfaction, your imagination can be your best friend.

How To Enhance Your Sex Life Using Your Imagination [EXPERT]

Imagine you are a chef, and this article is a recipe for enhancing your sex life. This recipe contains a variety of mind-body ingredients that will add additional excitement and fun into your sex life. The goal of this process is to help you create an integrated body-mind state in which you feel safe and secure enough to explore and enjoy your own sexuality. Season to taste. In other words, make it about what really lights your fire!


Ready to start? In order to get the most out of this guided, self-directed exercise, ask yourself what you want to turn off and what you want to turn on when you signal to yourself that you're ready to be swept away physically and emotionally. Example: you might want to turn off unwanted inhibitions and turn on your inner sex kitten. Or, you might want to turn off that annoying voice in your head and turn up your awareness of all the pleasurable sensations you are excited about experiencing. Bring More Heart Into Your Sex Life!

You will be creating a signal that will automatically turn on and off whatever is necessary for you to feel ready, willing and able to be swept away. It is time to get in touch with how you feel and/or how you want to feel when you are in the mood. Let's create a signal that instantly reconnects you to what "floats your sexual boat" and launch it in the privacy of your mind.


The signal could very well be a combination of memories and fantasies that builds up over time. This is all about putting yourself into the mood to be swept away by the sensual and emotional experience you are choosing to expose yourself to. In order to get the most out of this process, you want to give yourself permission to excite yourself and feel your arousal as intensely as you can. 6 Ways To TALK Your Way To Hotter, Steamier Sex (Seriously.)

It can be really easy to do. Just remember or imagine a wave of pleasurable physical sensations moving through your body, knowing that you are eager to let yourself go. Your heart is happy, your mind is excited and at ease and your spirit feels playful and free! What a fantastic way to feel. Continue to be with this wonderful feeling and at the same time, start to imagine your favorite shade of green.

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As you think about your favorite shade of green, imagine that you are connecting the neurochemistry of a very willing body, mind and spirit to this favorite shade of green. You are conditioning yourself to feel ready, willing and able to engage in the moment and let yourself go whenever you give yourself the green light to do so. All you have to do when you're ready is mentally flash on your favorite shade of green. How cool is that?


I recommend practicing this process once a day for seven days to set your "I'm in the mood" conditioned reaction. Feel free to vary the memories and fantasies; remember, you are a master chef. Make it your kind of delicious! Tips For Talking Dirty [VIDEO]

Please note: the above process is not intended or offered as medical or psychological treatment of any kind. If you think you might be experiencing any kind of sexual dysfunction, a medical evaluation is highly recommended.