Years in Practice

1-3 years


Huntington Beach CA 92648 - United States



Additional Expertise

Psychotherapist, Social Worker

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

When we support, guide, and honor parents we create healthy families that can thrive. I believe in the end to parent shaming, the parent-child relationship, developing healthy communication, and creating a safe space where your family can grow and heal together!

About Mercedes Samudio

One of the most influential relationships in our lives is the one we have with our parents. As parents, we struggle to be effective in the ways we raise our children. And, for children, they struggle to find their identity amidst their family's expectations. But, the parent-child relationship does not have to be so tense. You can have a relationship with your child that fosters loving communication, nurtures growth, and provides a safe space for you both to be wholly human.

I am a parent coach, and I am your guide on your parenting journey. I will help you build a dynamic relationship with your child and create long lasting change in your family!

People that seek parent coaching are often struggling with unwanted behaviors from their child, meltdowns from their school-aged kid or tween, feeling like they are failing at parenting, having guilt about the parenting strategies they use, or being frustrated with the way technology and social media have taken over their household.

After working with me families have experienced a decrease in their child’s unwanted behaviors, increased confidence in their parenting, feelings of relief for gaining more effective parenting skills, and seeing a change in how their family uses technology in their home.

Whether you are looking to enhance your parenting skills, help your child manage their not-so-great behaviors, or desiring more connection with your family – I can help!


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