Ditch That Negative Body Image And Live A More Fulfilling Life

"Don't take the mirror seriously. Your true reflection is in your heart." —Wisdom Quotes & Stories

Soon, you'll be shedding your comfy winter wardrobe and exposing parts of your body that you haven't seen in months. If you view your body as most women do, the thought of this most likely sends shivers down your spine.

Research indicates that at least 80% of women over the age of 18 are unhappy with what they see in the mirror. Many women who suffer with these self-esteem issues will not even be seeing an accurate reflection. Most of us have heard that anorexics see themselves as larger than they really are, but some recent research indicates that this kind of distorted body-image is by no means confined to those suffering from eating disorders.

In some studies, up to 80% of women over-estimated their size. Increasing numbers of normal, attractive women, with no weight problems or clinical psychological disorders, look at themselves in the mirror and see ugliness and fat.

Bodylove vs. Self-Loathing Creates Positive Changes In the Way You Think and Feel

If you are one of these women, there is a way to overcome this self-loathing. According to Rita Freedman, Ph.D, you can begin to break the pattern of being unhappy with your appearance and body and move into Bodylove. It is a mixture of emotions, attitudes, and actions that allow you to enjoy the way your body looks and the way it feels. You don't focus on how you want to look but how you want to feel about your body and appearance.

Powerful Examples Of What Women Longed For In The Bodylove Program

  • I want to feel confident regardless what my dress size is.
  • I want to feel free from the constant battle with my weight.
  • I want to feel at peace with my wrinkles instead of begin at war with them. 
  • I want to feel at ease when I put on a bathing suit. 

How Do You Want To Feel About Your Body? 

Take some time and think about how you want to start feeling about your body and appearance. Jot these thoughts down and then begin to take action to create a positive relationship with your body. 

Action Steps To Promote BodyLove And Create A More Fulfilling Life

  • Every time you look into a mirror be grateful for one thing about your body. For example, I’m grateful to have such strong legs to carrying me through the day.
  • Catch yourself saying negative things to yourself when you look into the mirror and quickly reframe with a positive statement. 
  • Begin to reduce the amount of time you spend looking at yourself in the mirror.
  • Boycott glamour magazines that promote an unrealistic view of women.
  • Fuel your body with delicious, nutritious food instead of dieting.
  • Develop hobbies and interest that nourish your soul.
  • Seek out ways to exercise that you enjoy versus dread.
  • Make a commitment to volunteer for a cause you feel passionate about .This takes the focus away from your outer self and deepens your connection with your essential nature. 

Although you can't control how others view you, you do have control over how you view yourself. You can choose to reprogram your thoughts and feelings and step into a more empowered way of being.

As spring approaches, allow bodylove to blossom. You'll be pleasantly suprised how your life will begin to florish.