Releasing Sexual Trauma Using The Rewind Technique

There is hope to free you from the bonds of sexual trauma. An innovative technique known as the "Rewind Technique" can help you put the trauma behind you so that you can start living your life to the fullest.

The technique is practiced content free which means that the hypnotherapist does not have to know all the details of the incident that has caused the trauma. This is often a relief to women who may otherwise have difficulties discussing their experiences. It is also an advantage because you do not experience unnecessary re-telling of your story that could further traumatize you.

It is believed that the process works as the traumatic memory that is re-processed and re-encoded in the brain. This re-encoding stops the automatic triggering of the fight or flight response whenever the memory is accessed, and it is this process which stops the unwanted symptoms from occurring. The Rewind Technique simply works to unhook the emotional experience from the actual event, enabling the brain to recode the information, freeing you from reliving the trauma on a daily basis. Finally, you can get you life back! No longer are you the victim.

The women that I have introduced the Rewind Technique to in my hypnocoaching practice are astounded at the results. They report they are able to get on with their lives, and no longer experience the negative impact the sexual trauma was having on their lives. One woman referred to it as her "lifesaver". It helped her to tread storming waters, and got her safely ashore to start living the life of her dreams.

How is this Possible?
A hypnotic trance is induced and you are then asked to recall or imagine a place where you feel totally safe and at ease. This relaxed state is then deepened and then you are asked to imagine that in this safe place you have a TV set, a video player, and a remote control.

You are then asked to imagine yourself watching the TV screen, without actually seeing the picture, enabling you to create a significant emotional distance.

You'll then watch yourself watching a video of the traumatic sexual event. The video starts where the incident occurred and finishes at the point at which it ended and when you felt safe again.

You are then asked to imagine pressing the remote control rewind button, enabling you to see yourself traveling very quickly back through the incident from safe point to safe point. You watch the same images but with your fingers pressed firmly on the fast forward button.

This process is repeated at a speed controlled by you for as many times as needed until the emotional response is no longer present.

If you suffer from the impact of sexual abuse, make a commitment to yourself and contact me for a free consultation regarding the rewind technique. It will truly transform your life!

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