Couples/Marital Issues

Years in Practice

10 years +


Black Hawk CO 80422 - United States



Additional Expertise

Psychic/Medium, Sex Educator, Spiritual Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

"Open your heart Fling your dreams high and set your dreams aloft I am here to hold your hand" - Maya Angelou I am your champion, the one who will believe in you until you believe in yourself. I will encourage you, love you and push you to the best version of you. That's what I do, what I'm good at and what I love.

About Megan Riley

I am a natural born psychic, relationship and sex coach, trainer, host of Ignite the Love Fire Podcast and founder of the Ignite the Fire Program.

I have over 19,000 client hours with men and women for over 14 years to heal the
past and create lives with more love, abundance, freedom, peace and joy
in all aspects of their lives.
I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe you are here
for a reason, and the fact that you're reading this page tells me you
are ready to make a significant change.

With a history of addiction, sexual violence, domestic
violence and food allergies I meditated. I visualized. I used
crystals. I had vision boards. I saw healers, shamans, went on vision
quests. Still- those situations from the past kept me tethered. I
tried everything, and still could not green juice myself to fulfillment,
peace and happiness.
On the outside I looked happy enough. But I felt out of control,
wondering and hoping for an answer. How was it I could help all these
people and not myself?
But our lives aren't lived on the outside. Or on Facebook.

So, I set out on a healing journey. I found a secret from 2,000 years
ago and started using it. Things began to change. I found teachers
and mentors. I grew deep, meaningful relationships with women, for the
first time in my life. I began to dance. My business grew. I
found more teachers, I healed more situations. I got sober. I lost
the weight. I found joy. I found purpose. I healed relationships
with my family. My business continued to grow. The more I healed, the
more I could help others heal, find their purpose and thrive.

I study and implement these tactics in my life, while learning and using
my intuitive gifts to make a difference in your life. Now, I am
living a dream. I have peace, and the men and women I work with are
experiencing rapid healing and transformation. What has taken decades
to process we are healing within months.
My life is unrecognizable. People who knew me then, physically do not
recognize me. These practices and techniques work.

Whatever you are dealing with, hoping for an answer, we can find it.
If I can come back from addiction, depression, anxiety, burnout and
isolation then you can do this with help and someone believing in you
and coaching you.

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