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10 years +


Columbus OH 43221 - United States



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Dating Coach, Sex Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

An unexamined life is not worth living. –Socrates

About Maya Jordan

I'm a clinical social worker (MSW, The Ohio State University, 2008) with 7 years of post-graduate experience in a clinical setting. I currently work as a sex, dating, and relationship coach because I have a big mouth and don't fit in very well in traditional settings.

I'm a straight shooter who likes to speak freely about her past as it helped me evolve to the person and coach I am today.

My experience as stripper in my early 20's greatly informs my work because I believe that there is no relationship without attraction.  Physical attraction is key.  My experience as a social worker greatly informs my work because I believe that an emotional connection is vital as well.  One cannot function in an honest relationship without connecting on an emotional level.

I write for a wide variety of media outlets including, but not limited to:  the Guardian, Bustle, Kinkly, Thought Catalog, and Slutty Girl Problems. I also host a show on Playboy Radio called "Head Games."  I am a recognized sexpert and contribute weekly to the Top 10 Adult Dating Sites for which I am a contributing author.  


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