How To Shop For Mr. Right

There are plenty of opportunities to meet a great guy while you are out shopping.  But you’ve got to do it in the right places!

I’m sure you’ve heard that Home Depot and Lowes are great places to meet men.  It is the one-stop shop for home owners and fix it men.  Decide to hang out there on a Saturday morning and feast your eyes on the hotties.  Check out the paint counter (you could spend an hour or two there just picking out the perfect color to your newly decorated bedroom – in your head, of course!).  Or check out the different types of doors they offer.  Check out anything!  Just make sure you are there for a while and keep your eyes open to the guys around you.  Smile!

Game Stop and other video game stores are also popular for men.  Men like gadgets!  Where ever they are, so are the men.  Even those little stores for your cell phone (Verizon, T-Mobile, etc) are full of guys!  Try the ones in the nice areas of town!

Ladies, you especially want to hit the stores like Best Buy and Radio Shack or at least go to the electronic section if you are at a discount or department store. That's usually where the men will be.  You could decide to be in the market for a new television, phone or camera.  Spend time perusing the latest styles.  Ask the guy next to you which one he has or is looking at. 

Costco, SAM’S, and BJ’s – if you have a membership, use it!

Men’s clothing stores are easy!  You can always ask him to help you.  Tell him he is about the size of your cousin and ask him what size he is.  If he seems open, ask him to help you with picking something out.  (Make sure he is not wearing a wedding ring!)

Foot Locker may be a good bet.  Dick’s Sporting is another.  Think of what men do and what they need.  Then go there!

Do lunch around shopping. People who have shopped are going to get hungry and want to eat.   Shopping centers and malls are great, especially the bar areas, which is where the single guys will catch a quick meal.  Don’t get a booth.  The bar area is best to mingle.  Chat with the bartender if no one is there yet.

If it is a town center type place or Mall, you can simply hang out.  Women, if you are hanging out - some guy is going to try to talk to you. It's a given as long as you don't have a scowl on your face. Look pleasant. Say Hello! Be open to talking.

Grocery stores are still popular to meet people.  Try higher end stores like Whole Foods and Wegman’s.  Try the ones where the single professionals live, not just the ones in your area.  Be willing to venture out to other neighborhoods to do your shopping one Saturday or weeknight.

Just make sure you go looking great but casual and have time to stroll and observe others.  Don’t go when you are in a hurry.  Don’t go when you aren’t looking or feeling your best.

Have a strategy – even if it just to walk the center aisles first then the ones on the perimeter, or to discover how many different types of cereals are on display.

Meet at least ONE new person - male or female. People are always chatting in lines with the people around them. Strike up a conversation (don't forget to have something in your basket, even if it is just a CD or DVD or carton of soy milk. You must buy something).

Take this seriously. You are using shopping to really make some connections, so make a real effort.  And don’t worry if you don’t meet anyone the first time you try.  Give it another try at another time.  You never know who you’re going to come across!

Happy Dating!!!