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Author, Counselor/Therapist, Image Consultant, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach

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Transformation is an inner journey

About Mary Paleologos

People are often surprised when they learn what I do for a living. I have always been fascinated with the power of the mind and human potential. I have been on my own personal transformational journey for over 25 years. Having recovered from Bulimia and 2 brain haemorrhages, I know first hand what it is like to reach the “dark night of the soul”. I like to refer to it as the emergence of the soul. It is in this place that your soul speaks to you and you begin to realize that you are not your circumstances, but something far greater.

The common saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" has a very profound truth to it.  I believe what you overcome in life makes you richer in every way. When you are in that dark place looking for a way out of your hardship, you are faced with two choices: give up or tap into the inner resources that you didn't even know you had, and come through it stronger and humbler than you were before.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor and transformational coach I support people to transform their life by letting go of their limiting beliefs, open their hearts to themselves and embrace their true essence. I am passionate in helping people discover their inner strength and potential.

I am in deep gratitude for the wisdom that I have gained and am able to serve others. I believe the key to healing is self love, self acceptance and connecting to your true essence. The world is in need of healing and that can only come in the form of love. There is no greater and more powerful energy than love. It starts with each of us connecting to that love inside of ourselves and then shining our light and love onto others. Imagine what our world would be like when humanity lets go of what no longer serves it and embraces the power of love.

I enjoy the written and spoken word and currently blog for the Huffington Post. I am also writing my first book which will be published later this year. To learn more about me click here

Mary Paleologos Success Stories

Transforming your life from anxiety

Women with mental illness

From the first time I initially set up an appointment with Mary, I knew there was something different about her. The passion she had in her eyes and the undivided attention she gave to me, when I made those first tentative steps to seeing her to see if she was someone who may be able to help me, and her unwavering confidence in believing she could help me, pretty much sealed the deal for me to begin with.more

She was the first therapist I'd ever come across who really listened to me, as an individual, not as just another number coming through your door. I could see and feel, that she was doing this, because it came from a place of love and authenticity. She genuinely wanted to help me.

The hypnotherapy played the most significant part in this for me. I was always unable to truly and freely express myself, I always felt so blocked up, like I was on the verge of saying something significant, but it just wouldn't come out. I was too tense, wound up so tightly in myself, that the real issues were being buried under tons and tons of emotional cover ups and band-aids. I understood things on a rational and logically level, but my subconscious was forever sabotaging my attempts to change my way of thinking. 

The first time I went under hypnosis, I'd never felt anything like it in my whole life. I was so relaxed, like I was wrapped in a fluffy cloud, and all the aching in my body dissipated and for the first time in my life, I was able to talk to someone without the fear and anxiety that I so often experienced when trying to explain how I felt.

I can say, without a doubt, Mary saved my life, my sanity and she helped me grow inside of me a confidence and self awareness I had never experienced before. Not only is she an amazing therapist, but an amazing human being, with a extremely rare gift of being able to zone in on the core of someone's issue, so quickly and accurately, it's almost scary.

To anyone considering seeing Mary, for whatever reason it may be, the only thing I can say is, if you want it, and you're willing to work for it, Mary will take you on a journey inside yourself that will astound you. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems which is why we so often fail because we don't understand what's going on behind the scenes. Mary will help pull those walls down that are stopping you from moving forward, and give you the tools and weapons you need to battle those inner demons, and she'll be right there with you, fighting right beside you as you tackle this head on.

Danielle Morley

Transform your unhealthy relationship with food

Women dealing with weight issues

I've had an unhealthy relationship with food for as long as I can remember, especially chocolate and anything else sweet. I had no self control and did a lot of mindless binge eating. That was until I met Mary. I heard her advertising her services on the radio and decided to give it a go as I'd tried everything else and it was the best thing I ever did. 
From our first conversation on the phone to our first meeting, Mary made me feel comfortable and helped me understand where my sugar addiction came from. I noticed a change after the first session and continued with another 3 sessions also incorporating motivation for exercise. 
I can't believe the results, it's absolutely amazing, I'm no longer interested in sweet foods, I don't over eat and I can't remember the last time I ate chocolate. I'm not constantly thinking about food anymore, I make healthier choices, I've lost weight, I feel amazing, I'm back at the gym and loving it.
Mary's an amazing woman with a beautiful soul, inspiring others to be the best they can be. 
Thank you Mary for helping me get off this merry go round I've been on for so many years and taking back control of my life.more

Forever grateful,
Jackie Woollard

Transform your body image issues

Women dealing with weight issues

I grew up thinking I had to have the perfect body so I spent years trying to control my eating and food. I had low self esteem and low self worth. It was affecting my entire life. I tried many things to fix myself and things changed for a while but I always resorted back to my obsession with my body and controlling what I ate. A friend mentioned Mary as she heard about her work so I decided to make an appointment. That decision was life altering. With Mary's support I was able to see beyond my body obsession and finally connect to my true essence. I have put my eating and obsession with my self image behind me and I am now excited about my life. Mary has an amazing gift she comes from a heart centred place and she shows you that you are more than your body and the negative thoughts about yourself. I highly recommended Mary to anyone who is having issues with food, their weight, their body image. You owe it to yourself to reach your potential.more


Paula Anastopoulos

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