The 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Him (And They're Free!)

Don't know what gift to get him? Try these 10 ideas to make him feel loved and special.


In relationships, we emphasize the importance of building one another up, rather than pointing fingers and blaming; but, guys live in a much different world than women do. This is why the best gifts for him are free.

Women are networkers and they bond and connect with other women. Guys are competitive, focused and constantly looking over their shoulder to see who's ahead and who's behind. They turn to women for safety in expressing themselves emotionally.


Usually, the woman they turn to is their wife or significant other. If she is unaware of her emotional power when talking to her husband or boyfriend, what may seem innocent to her sounds harsh to her partner.

Remember, as a general rule, guys don't have someone telling them how much they like their hair, clothes or their man bag. Compliments are always more powerful when the person saying them is the one who is emotionally closest. Ladies, in most cases that means you.

Here are 10 ways you can encourage and support your husband or boyfriend:

  1. I love THIS about you.
  2. You look handsome in that outfit.
  3. I am so glad you are my man.
  4. You are so good with the kids, dog, your parents, waiters or whatever.
  5. I am so glad you are a good provider.
  6. I am the luckiest person in the world to have a partner like you.
  7. Don't worry about it; we'll get through it together.
  8. Thank you for fixing that, doing that, helping me with that.
  9. Brag about him in front of others so he can hear.
  10. You are the best lover ... ever.

Encouragement is a fundamental part of change and working together in a relationship. You can build an awesome relationship just as you can a miserable one.


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