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Confidence Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Mentor, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach

About Mary Guay

I'm a Women's Life Coach working with individuals and small groups to create connection and community. I love inspiring and empowering women like you who have felt unheard unseen and not valued. There are skills to learn and perspectives that you can change so you can overcome your impossible situation.

Over the past 26 years my clients have learned to get up in the morning and look forward to the day instead of collapsing in despair.  You can be motivated and supported, too. So that you will realize you're much more than your current circumstance with more options and choices than you ever imagined.

I remember what it feels like to be stuck in indecision and ambivalence so that I could not move forward. There were years where I felt the struggle to get though the day.  I was wasting my life and I didn't have the energy to find a solution. I know what it's like to be burned out.

My personal life path has included teaching, being a stay at home Mom, doing an intensive home program for my special needs child and life as a single parent.

Rising to the challenges and embracing life was a turning point for me. Discovering my inner resources and developing practices for change shifted me from feeling stressed and filled with self doubt. Living a value centered life where I value myself makes all the difference in the world!

Working in the field of mental health, I've had a diverse experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My practice included private practice, Inpatient Behavioral Health, Inpatient Chemical Dependency and the Emergency Department.

Looking toward supporting my clients to achieve their dreams, led me to be trained as a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Story Coach. Some complementary approaches to support clients in changing their belief systems include hypnotherapy and Psych-K.  

As a women's life coach, I am energized and honored to witness women's lives change when they start valuing themselves and stop living a life of self sacrifice. You can redefine strength, live from a focus of self love and have revolutionary self care.

Take back your life! Let's get going! Contact me now!

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