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All relationships starts with yourself.... and the NEXT growth is re-claiming your sexuality.

About Maria Appelqvist, PhD.

The nicest complement I ever got - "There is a difference between a sex coach and a sex coach, and you are a classy one."

Strange enough I never seen myself as a sex coach. Still, it's clear that it is what people see I'm representing.

I've got more than 20+ years of personal development and my desire for learning and growth took me to the area of professional coaching, where I for many years helped women embrace their inner leadership and power. Finally I was ready to take the leap into the realm of conscious sexuality. It wasn't because I wanted to go there, it was because there was a desire that was strong enough for pulling me into the field of connection by learning the art and practice of female orgasm.

Living in Europe, I was one of the pioneers educated in the practice of orgasmic meditation. It was something new, weird and unusual... and a very different way to approach sex. That experience was the doorway in to understand connected relationships, the healthy aspects of masculinity and femininity... not to mentioned what it meant for me in my private intimate life and for the development and growth of my business....

I healed my subconscious blocks around money and learned from the practice of orgasmic meditation that abundance is our birth right. Since many people live in the Paradigm of Scarcity, they become stuck in pain and seeing themselves as victims. As a result I started to teach what it means to leap into the Paradigm of Abundance. 

I'm a podcast host, author, teacher, coach, sexpert, healer, and so much more. Currently, I'm creating a movement for women and men who wants to learn what it means to be conscious in love and what it takes to create hot and thriving relationships.

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