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“Bad feelings are like stray cats. The more you feed them the more they hang around.” ~ Joyce Rupp

About Margaret Herrick

I am a spiritual coach, Focusing Trainer and Truth Seeker.

When bad feelings hang around, we get in the way of our own life’s fulfillment.

We are not here to leave footprints in the sands to be erased by the next tide. Rather we are each called to leave our unique fingerprints in our world, community and family.

This is the foundational belief that informs my work. My life’s journey has been an exploration of ways to develop the skills and accumulate experiences to fulfill this longing for relevance, and sense of contribution and connectedness in the world.

Reach out via email (herrick.margaret@gmail.com) if you’d like to talk through how we can work together. I’d love to hear from you!

In my work with individuals, our goal is to discover your uniqueness long submerged by the tides of incoming demands of life, work and yes, basic survival. As uniqueness is discovered we weave it into the tapestry of your life creating a vibrancy, a three dimensionalism that is new and exciting. With comes the joy in being unique while part of the whole.

The process begins in the only place that makes sense “in the moment.” Through a guided process, the journey to one’s true self is launched. This is the beginning of opening to embodied wisdom. Ask the question, “Who is with you every step you take, every dawn and sunset? Who is with you in success, failure, acclaim and rejection?” Nobody but your body!

This then leads to an exploration of one’s singular lens in viewing the world - basically plumbing the depths of how and why one’s reality is as it is. Using the Enneagram, a personality typology system, brings clarity to the triggers behind reactions. The body tells us, most actions and reactions are not in response to a stimuli in the moment, but rather a long ago and often deeply buried occurrence. It is as if we are constantly stepping into a time machine, reacting in the past, but awaking to the current moment an amnesiac.

This inner bodily based dialog nurtures a new relationship with self, creating an environment of acceptance, and self-love. This empowering dynamic moves us ever closer to our unique beingness, our true self.

We are unique, but not alone in our experiences. Working with a group we form a non-judgmental holding container that affords members the space and support to give voice to their embodied fears, anguish and pain. Buoyed by the energy and shared experiences, long forgotten dreams become real. The seeds of new possibilities sprout. The facade covering the true and unique self crumbles.

Why would one give up the comfort of who they seem to be to engage in the inner journey to who they really are? The answer is not simple or universal, it may be to be free of impulses that rule every decision every action and reaction, or the pain of what has been becomes more than the body and soul can bear, perhaps one has had a glimpse of what may be a taste of being real.

Decades ago I embarked on this journey and continue on it. Through that time as a spiritual director, meditator, Focusing trainer and fellow truth seeker I have accumulated the experience and skills to partner with others on the path. Reach out via email (herrick.margaret@gmail.com) if you’d like to talk through how we can work together. I’d love to hear from you!

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