New Pillow Talk Connects Long Distance Lovers

Long distance relationships aren't fun and they last for what seems like forever. They make you yearn for your lover morning, day and especially night. 

Now, with Pillow Talk, you can at least cuddle with the thought that he is sleeping at the same time you are with a paired pillow. How?

This new technology comes with two fabric panels and two rings. Place one panel in each pillow and give one pillow to your lover to take with him (or send it to him) along with one ring. You keep one fabric panel and place it in your pillow and keep one ring.

When he goes to bed at night and puts his ring on, your pillow will glow and you can hear his heart beat. When you put your ring on, his pillow will glow and he can hear your heart beat. Pretty neat, huh? Both of you can now cuddle with a glowing pillow knowing you're both resting with matching rings, and the sound of each other's heartbeat in your ear - what a heavenly long distance connection.

Some people may speculate that PIllow Talk doesn't enhance the connection of couples at all since it doesn't do anything but glow a pillow and pulsate. However, it's much more than just the technology that long distance couples are looking for when they purchase this product.

What long distance couples cling to with products such as these is just the thought of being able to connect. Feeling as though you are doing something to connect means much more than what you are doing to connect. 

Sending a card, calling, emailing, texting, sending packages, having a pillow, and many other long distance survival tactics are ways to get through the time apart. It's a way to show that you care and are hanging on to the person until this time apart is over. 

Long Distance Survival or Marketing Ploy?

So is it really necessary for long distance survival or is it more a marketing ploy? It's both. The technology will appeal to the heartwrenched long distance loving techies, definitely. It's not imperative for survival though. You could probably have a photo of your faraway sweetie printed on a pillow and cuddle with that and get the same effect.