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About Maggie Connor

Maggie is one of the most highly trained Master Trainers in the world assisting individuals, athletes, coaches, teams & organizations using cutting edge quantum change technologies as well as soul centerd work to create personal & professional excellence in several key ares of life.  Enjoy fast, easy, positive results now in the following;

* Health & Fitness (weight-loss, healthy lifetsyle, smoking cessation)

* Career & Finances (career change, career guidance, increasing income)

* Relationshsips & Family (couples and family coaching & training)

* Personal Growth & Spiritual Development (meditation, Higher Self Training, Kumu La'au Kahea) 

Maggie is the creator of TRAIN YOUR BRAIN tm Training, an award winning training technique helping individuals and teams achieve excellence with rapid results.  She is a Certified Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer and Master Trainer in:  Neuro Lingusitc Humanistic Psychology, Time Line Training, Hypnosis, Train Your Brain Coaching Techniques, Personal Breakthrough Training, Values Alignment, Mediation and Negotiation Training, Sports Peak Perfromance, Sports Team Alignment, Coaching Coaches, Training Trainers, Teacher Training, Eye Yoga, Kinesiology, Lomilomi Body Work, La'au Kahea (spiritual and psychological healing of ancient Hawaii), Reiki Master, and Ordained Minister.

Find out why even the world's best turn to Maggie for coaching and training!    


Maggie Connor Success Stories

My First Intervention!

Women with mental illness

   I'll always remember my first intervention.  Jane* (44) called me with a presenting issue of anger, resentment, and profound sadness at the loss of her 15 year marriage and physical separation from her children.  She had sought counsel for nearly ten years through standard avenues.  She had tried just about every anti-depressant.     more

   It had been eight years since the emotionally charged court battle in which her ex-husband Mike won custody.  (He had been home more than Jane who was the breadwinner).  The final blow was when Mike unexpectedly moved with the children to Georgia.  Jane was overcome with grief.  

   Over the next eight years Jane spent a tremendous amount of energy, time and money visiting her children and flying them to her home in Idaho.  She felt resentful, angry and sad.  Her anger and sadness became so intense that Jane became chronically depressed.  She contemplated on how to end her life.  The animosity was so tremendous between Jane and Mike that communication was virtually non existent except through third parties.  

  When Jane came to my office she knew her anger toward Mike was negatively affecting her and also her relationship with her children.  Deep down she still cared about Mike and even at times she wished the best for him, yet something just kept gnawing at her.  

   Using Time Line we were able to clear Jane's anger, resentment, sadness and grief around the separation, divorce, Mike's move with the children and other subsequent events.  This took approximately two hours.  Jane left our session thrilled, even radiant.  Later she told me that same day Jane went home and wrote Mike a loving, forgiving and also apologetic letter!  

   When I followed up, Jane was very grateful and said she felt better than ever about Mike and the children.  The work we had done had resolved what she had come to me for.  She was no longer sad about loosing the children, yet she said she still felt "generally depressed."  I explained to Jane that it was likely that her presenting problem was the last of a deeper issue regarding depression.  Jane was immediately eager to return to clear the deeper issue.

   In using Time Line once more, Jane believed the root cause to be an event at age 4.  A large weight was lifted yet there was more.  This brought Jane to her "ah-ha moment" - the realization that depression was insidious in her genealogy and had been passed on.  I sensed we were truly at the root cause which was very intense. Without Time Line's ability to disassociate the client, this clearing would have been much too traumatic.  I repeatedly reminded Jane to go higher above and further back on her Time Line.  Her posture, which began with slump shoulders and curved back typical of a depressed state, was literally being transformed before my eyes.  In the process of further dissociation, Jane's back straightened, her shoulders squared, chest expanded, head raised and facila tone brightened.  Later she told me she had "floated off the planet!" The change in Jane was immediate.  I observed years melt off her face.  

   One year later, Jane looked ten years younger and told me she was feeling better than ever and said she believed the depression was gone forever! 

   Twenty five years later, I unexpectedly bumped into Jane.  Despite the passing of quarter of a decade, she had the "look of love".  Jane went on to tell me she had remarried and they had adopted two children.  Her eldest two were grown and already successfully making their way in the world.  Then she said something I will cherish forever.  "If I had not met with you, who knows if I would even be alive, then, where would my kids be, my husband, my family?  You changed our entire life!"  I said, "No Jane. YOU changed your entire life by being willing to do the clearing work!  Congratulations!  Keep on living in love, joy and happiness!"  We departed from one another with huge hugs, smiles and happy tears!  Aloha KeAkua (God Is Love), Malama pono (We stand in goodness and righteousness), Ahui hou, (Until we meet again)  Maggie                                      

*Story told with permission from client.  Name changed for privacy protection.

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