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Counselor/Therapist, Personal Development Coach, Social Worker

About Lyssa deHart

I have spent a lot of time thinking about how we connect with others and how we can show up more powerfully in the world. Many people are playing small in their lives, unwilling or unable to share their real self with the world. Becoming "authentically" you is key to most of the essential things in life. Bringing yourself boldly into your relationships, owning who you are at your deepest core, and extravagantly sharing that person with others, that is the magic of sovereignty. It takes daring and a splash of panache to be wholly you. And just ask, "What could be possible if I could bring my joyful, bright energy into all the relationships around me?"

I have spent the past 22 years, as a therapist and coach, looking at the stories that we tell ourselves and getting curious with my clients about the limiting narratives that are keeping them stuck and feeling small. I see people struggling with deeply woven stories that do not serve their greater good or the greater good of the world.

What the world needs, now more than ever, are people willing to show up authentically, be brave, be whole, and through integrity and creative thinking, share their brilliance with everyone they meet?

My book StoryJacking: Change Your Inner Dialogue, Transform Your Life, gives many ideas on how to change your internal narrative. I have filled StoryJacking with tools, stories, science, and probing questions, to help you develop awareness. The idea is to support people to look at their stories, get curious, and consciously choose what will empower you to create your best self.

If I were to meet you next year, what would you want to say to me about what you have accomplished for yourself? What goals will you have achieved? What sort of person would you want to tell me you are working to become?

Working with people ready to show up and play big, in their families, in their communities, the organizations that they work, that is what lights me up.

To get to know me better visit my website LyssadeHart.com and schedule a discovery call to see if Coaching with Lyssa might be right for you.

Success Stories

“One of the biggest unexpected bonuses of coaching is how I learned a new habit of ongoing self-assessment in my work and personal life.  It’s been a great process and a lot of very helpful changes have taken root in my life as a result of the time we spent collaborating." Steve U.

"I have grown emotionally and psychologically as a result of working with Lyssa, and, even better, I have laughed while doing so. I have laughed at myself, at my situation, at my tendency to want to control the uncontrollable and to change the unchangeable. Lyssa has helped me bear and even thrive in a situation that can frequently leave me depleted.  I am grateful for her help, her expertise, and for being in my life." Maureen C.

"I love working with Lyssa, because she is able to help me look at the stories I am telling myself.  I have an opportunity to then really look at if my story is even true.  Once I get curious, I am able to move forward and explore what I need to do next." Katherine G.

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