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10 years +


Denver CO 80210 - United States



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Counselor/Therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach

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All areas, please inquire



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I believe that your primary relationship can be the source of your greatest JOY...or your greatest pain. Let me help you make sure your relationship is both happy and secure.

About Lynda Spann, PhD, LMFT

If you’re suffering from the pain and loneliness of a distressed or unhappy relationship, Lynda Spann, PhD, LMFT can help. She’ll roll up her sleeves and work with you and your partner to discover the things that are keeping you from feeling connected, understood, and in love. So that you can make the corrections that will help feel relaxed and confident about the future of your relationship.

Lynda Spann began her counseling practice in Colorado in 1997. Now she is best known for her innovative work in couples therapy. Lynda has stayed up to date with the latest relationship science and the most effective couples counseling models that exist today. 

The way Lynda works with couples is different. She has developed a proven system that can turn around even the most bankrupt relationship.

Even though she has a PhD, Lynda isn't one of those “mmm hmmm, how does that feel?” therapist. And she’s not for everybody. She’ll probably challenge you to stop blaming your partner for everything that’s going wrong. And she’ll give you the support you need to face your own growth edge.

Lynda won’t be passive during your sessions. She’ll give you and your partner feedback and direction so you don’t have to guess. 

And there’s an immediacy to the way she works. Lynda will get you and your partner talking to each other. Really talking to each other so you can fix the patterns between you that aren’t working.

When you work with Lynda, you won’t just sit in the pool of problems and pain. She’s going to get you out of that. And most couples say Lynda does it faster than they ever experienced with other therapists. 

Lynda practically guarantees the you’ll never leave her office in the middle of a conflict. You’ll always leave right side up, having made forward traction in your relationship. 

“You’re our last hope” is something Lynda frequently hears from new couples. No matter whether you’re struggling with infidelity, the slow icy chill of loss of connection, terrible communication, or constant conflict, Lynda can help.

When there’s a sadness to your relationship, it can feel excruciating. Your days drag on, your world is grey, you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach before walking through your front door. 

The solution sounds so simple: get a couples counselor to help you out.

But you might have done couples therapy before and had a mediocre (or bad) experience. Or maybe you’re afraid to put your hope and faith (and time and money) in the hands of a couples counselor and have it not work out. 

That fear can be paralyzing. But there’s nothing more agonizing than the pain of regret.

Between Lynda’s “rolling chair secret” to getting close to your partner and unique session experiences, you’ll get more relationship wins in a day with her than you would get over 3-6 months with other therapists.

Let Lynda help you repair your relationship so you can feel the sizzle and security of a great relationship, again.

Lynda works with all types of couples. To find out more about her work with traditional couples check out her website here. She offers a unique program to fast-track the couples therapy process. 

In addition, Lynda has recently opened the doors to The Lesbian Couples Institute (LCI) in Denver, Colorado. She designed LCI to be a counseling center especially for lesbians. Lynda is excited to offer Lesbian Couples Retreats in Denver to lesbian couples all over the world. These are one and two-day intensives that help lesbian couples save their relationship and thrive. LCI also offers Individual LGBT Therapy and LGBT Couples Counseling.

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