Social Media Showdown: Bloom Against Biebs Continued

How has social media affected your love life?


The recent scuffle between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber at Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, Spain was baffling since they come from two very different celebrity circles. After Bieber was spitting out some taunting remarks to Bloom, Bloom reacted with a few unsuccessful punches at the Biebs. Where do these taunts stem from? 

If we take a deeper look though, it just shows that Tinsel Town is not all that big. Let us break it down for you with the 411; it all started back in 2012 when Bieber performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Rumors lit up that Bieber and Orlando Bloom's then wife, Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, had hooked up after the show. Now we fast forward to April of this year, Selena Gomez, was openly hanging out with Bloom; in fact, she even Instagramed a photo of them together.


Was this an eye for an eye type of brawl? Just a mere couple hours after Bloom threw the punches, Biebs posted and then immediately deleted a photo of Miranda Kerr. Once that photo came down, the Biebs posted a picture of what appeared to be of Bloom with tears in his eyes from a previous red carpet event — clearly a jab at his unsuccessful punches from earlier.

We all know that social media has been built into our lives whether we like it or not, and it has effects on our lives. One may not even have an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account, but your friend may post a photo with you or mention your name in a status and all of a sudden people all around the world know what you did, where you were and maybe even what you said. 


Relationships are already hard, but with social media doesn't it make things even harder? Things posted on social media can start rumors; it can take the truth and run with it, or it can let out the hurtful truth at times. This brawl between Bloom and the Biebs was just a nice little reminder of how the prominence of social media has now invaded our relationships and lives.

Other conflicting situations can arise from social media such as how soon is too soon to make it "Facebook official" about your relationship status with the guy or gal that you're seeing? Would posting that you're "in a relationship" scare him off? Women more so than men are a little obsessed about making things known to the world, like making things "Facebook official," but what women should really do is take a step back and think things through being less reactive and more reflective. Is posting something on Facebook going to make something more real or are you feeding off of your own insecurity? 
We as a society can't avoid this social media infestation. In fact, it's not all bad. We share our happiest moments in life or even smaller life triumphs such as posting a before and after picture of losing 10 pounds, new engagements, the purchase of a new home or even sharing videos of your girl's night out from the other weekend. So thanks Bloom and Biebs for the reminder of the power of social media on relationships.