6 Condoms To Rev Your Sex Life From Ho-Hum To Woo-Hoo!

6 Condoms To Rev Your Sex Life From Ho-Hum To Woo-Hoo!
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These sexy condoms will completely revolutionize your time in bed!

Condoms get a bad rap. We understand and sometimes even agree, but it's certainly not deserved in all cases. (We'll get to that.) With every new relationship comes the uncomfortable but critical "talk" about health status. This means disclosing if and when you've been tested for HIV and STI's, deciding if you need to schedule a test, and discussing the preventative measures you will take (condoms and/or dams) to stay safe. Even in monogamous, long-term relationships, today's women are weighing their contraceptive options more carefully. 

The Pill can be dangerous, especially once you are over 35. Even though pharmaceutical companies try to convince us otherwise, the Pill's side effects are not fun. Weight gain. Mood swings. If you smoke, forget it. By now you have probably heard about Pfizer recalling over one million packages of birth control due to company error. Yep, that happens and you need to factor it in.

While it isn't the conversation anyone wants to have, sex isn't getting any safer. Alarmingly, it is quite the contrary. More adults in the US die from Hepatitis C than HIV. Not to mention, the news that Gonorrhea (yeah, the STD that once was cured with a simple dose of penicillin) is on its way to being both untreatable and more virulent. Enough already. 

Fortunately, we have encouraging (even exciting) news. Condoms have come a long way and there are many styles with features that will add some zing to your bedroom. There are condoms for women (created to drive the ladies wild), climax control condoms (to help men last longer) and many assorted flavored condoms (that actually make latex tasty). 

With Lucky Bloke's Condom Subscription Service, exploring condoms (and personal lubricant) has never been simpler. Now, buying premium condoms and lube (from around the world) is affordable, reliable and discreet! Let's get you informed with six fantastic condoms. We are certain that there is a condom on this list that you will enjoy!

1.  FC2  |  Female Condom. The FC2 Female Condom offers an advantage for women who want to ensure protection from pregnancy or STDs. The female condom is a strong, thin and flexible nitrile sheath inserted into (just going to get medical here) the vagina prior to sex. It has a flexible polyurethane ring on one end, a soft nitrile ring on the other and is absolutely latex-free. It is pre-lubricated with a slick silicone-based lubricant, but additional lubricant can be used as well. 

The female condom can be used no matter how your man is endowed. Typically, condoms are sold according to penis size (slim or snugger fit (S), standard or "average" (M), larger or XL (L). Need help determining condom size? We have it! The female condom offers a fantastic advantage for couples where a partner has a latex sensitivity. This is the only non-latex condom option for guys requiring a small condom (we like to call this a more "tailored fit").

No matter the size, many men find the female condom more liberating. It is still "there" yet, he does not feel the same restriction, as when he is wearing the protection. Give it a try if you are (or he is) a traditional condom hater.

2. TROJAN | Her Pleasure Ecstasy. TROJAN Her Pleasure Ecstasy condoms feature a revolutionary design. The extra roomy shape at the top allows for better freedom of movement, translating to a more natural experience. TROJAN’s UltraSmooth premium lubricant is inside and outside for increased mutual pleasure. The condoms have a tapered base for a more secure fit and are strategically ribbed for her ecstatic pleasure. Because of the fitted shaft and extra roomy top, this condom works well for average (M) and larger (L) sizes. 

3.  LifeStyles | 3Sum. Okay, we all know it’s not the size that matters. It’s the motion in the ocean and if this is where you find yourself, we have a suggestion for you! (And let's get serious 30% of men require a smaller condom!) LifeStyles 3Sum is triple the pleasure! 3Sum condoms offer enjoyable ribs at the head and stimulating studs are strategically placed along the shaft. A shorter and narrower condom, the contoured head offers increased sensation and sensitivity while the tailored shaft offers a secure fit. This is a compact condom with all the bells and whistles. It's truly the only one of its kind. 

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