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4 Stay-Sane Dating Mantras For The Obsessive Woman

So women are funny creatures. We can have lots of men liking us, date us and we enjoy having fun with them and think nothing of it. But as soon as we meet a guy we like, we can't help but obsesses about dating.

We wonder if he will like us back, if he will call, when he'll call, should we text or wait till he texts. It can be excruciatingly painful waiting for that phone to beep, even if the phone does beep, the only person we want to hear from is the guy we are madly in love with.

And yes we know about all the great advice there is out there about being a woman of confidence and keep yourself busy blah, blah but that is all really hard to do. We obsess about what to say, when to say it, if we say it right.

Whether we look desperate or if we are not showing enough interest, we even obsesses about how the relationship is going to end when we break up with him and how we would deal with that. As you can see we obsess about everything.

Meanwhile we feel like we can't tell anybody that we have all these crazy thoughts in our head just in case they want to ship us off to the loony bin all because "we like you." And because we so desperately want our relationship to work out with you, we make it worse by not sharing with our friends in case they judge or laugh at us.

Here what you need to say to yourself ...

1. My feelings are totally normal.

Obsessive thinking when you are a girl is f**king normal. So congratulate yourself, you are just like every other intelligent female. Some of the most intelligent and successful leaders in the world think obsessively; they analyze everything. That is what makes them great for what they do, Their attention to detail means they can prepare for any disaster and get the best people to carry out the task at hand. So just look at it this way, your obsessive thinking is preparing you for all scenarios, just in case.

2. The discomfort will pass. 

The personal growths Guru don't always tell you this: We live in a world today where everyone tells you if you focus on being happy, that your whole life will just work out and that is all it takes. Sorry, but that is just one big fat lie.

When you are uncomfortable, you enter the world of the unknown. Entering the world of the unknown makes you feel ugly inside and all those negative thoughts come bubbling up to the surface to haunt you. That is what uncomfortable is. Uncomfortable feels horrible, but here is the good news, instead of fighting what is, understand that your experience is normal, as in like everybody else. Then all you have to do is keep on, keep on and understand that these bad feeling will pass.

3. Dating takes practice.

Now that you have embraced these negative feelings, you have got to inject some self-discipline. Like the athlete that is training for the Olympics, you need to eat the right food and carry out the appropriate exercise to get the desired result. Dating is no different. All you have to do with a guy you like is practice good dating skills and leave the rest up to the Universe to figure out.

So let him ask you for a second date, mirror his actions between the dates, just show up to the date as a fun, positive and enjoyable person to be with and remember this — you are dating to see if he is a fit for you. That's it.

4. There really are plenty of fish in the sea.

Think abundance not scarcity — if it doesn't work out, who cares there is always another guy. As long as you are focusing on being the best date you can be and are out there dating often. Guess what, it will click. Every guy leads you closer to the right guy. So get out of that poor me and this will never work mindset, and start thinking abundance. This can happen for me.

5. Live my life, my way.

You have already lived 21, 31, 41 or how many years without him and survived just fine. Think about why you couldn't go another couple of years without him, of course you could. Remember everything in life is based on your mind-set, so focus on your success instead of your failures. Focus on fully living your life and allow him to be the bonus not the necessity.

Believe me when I tell you that obsession is normal and that you won't end up in the crazy house, please do take some comfort in that.

Everybody, especially us women, obsesses all the time when we worry about things, when we enter the unknown and of course when the hottest guy in our town is asking us out. Happily ever after is what we have been dreaming about since childhood, of course, our minds are going to go a little crazy. So here's the good news that is great — you are just like everybody else... normal, phew!

Try focusing on your dating skills, think raining men, and go live your bold life and that my friend is how you cure the obsessive bug. Enjoy your love life and enjoy men. Obsession is just part of the course.

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