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“If you believe that there is someone out there for you, you are on the right track!”

About Lorii Abela

“Turn your light on from the inside to attract your soulmate.”

Lorii had a mission – to find her soulmate in her new homeland New York – one of the biggest cities with millions of singles as seen in “Sex and the City.” In 1997, it seemed promising.  Finding a date was easy but love has been aloof as other plethora of singles were experiencing.

Lorii is a multi-awarded international leader, author, speaker and soulmate expert. She coaches single women who are frustrated about meeting the wrong guys, wondering how they can find the right guy for them so they will not be alone for the rest of their life.

Co-author of the best-selling Amazon book Speaking Your Truth Vol. 3, Lorii is originally from Manila. She has lived in New York and New Jersey for a total of 8 years.  Currently, she lives in Chicago, where she found her Prince in her 40s after kissing many frogs.  She finds consolation in giving back by coaching thousands how to find their soulmates using her marvelous expertise. 

Lorii understands how to embrace the Western culture including the dating practices as she has been in that path.  She teaches the Law of Attraction as a modality in order for her mentees to love themselves and be lovable.  Soon, happenstance occurs and like magic, a soulmate shows up.

Lorii is available for consulting and speaking engagements. She can be reached at 312-235-2688 for an appointment.  Check out  her website at http://www.HowCanYouFindLove.com/ and grab a copy of a FREE Ebook  - "You Deserve a Healthy Relationship"

“If you believe that there is someone out there for you, you are on the right track!” – Lorii Abela

“Lorii Abela is a true dating Diva and a professional to follow if you want to manifest your soul mate! She approaches the subject from the practical intention with specifics for your search. She then goes into the imagery of vision boards and actual physical spaces in your life for your soul mate to the thinking realm where your mind creates your experiences and ultimately your soul mate. ” ~ BettyLou Nelson, Relationship Fairy Guide Mother

“Lorii a JCI trainor-colleague is upfront when it comes to her lovelife! Her personal sharing is not to impress but simply being there at the right time and place when her soulmate, Domingo whom I met recently, appeared…with feng shui and visualization she was like a kite waiting for the right wind or chi and ergo, from a barnyard chick she now soars like an eagle in love with the azure sky! Ask Domingo!   ” ~ Aldric Dalumpines, Feng Shui Master

“Lorii is a great coach and author on finding love. She has written multiple articles that have a lot of great tips. She also has a great website, http://howcanyoufindlove.com/ , that you can browse through for some of those tips!” ~ Paulette Francism Independant Distributor at Nucerity International

“Lorii unravels the importance of getting clear on the undesired and desired lists of characteristics in manifesting one’s soulmate and life partner.  This is an imperative part of the manifestation process that she describes with conviction and purpose.” ~ Christine Nelun, Entrepreneur, Scientist and Law of Attraction Practitioner, Toronto, Canada

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