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About Lori Cooper

I am a professional life coach, specializing is women thinking about divorce or already in the divorce process.  I also coach women through any life transitions.  I went to The University of Illinois and got a BA in Business Administration.  I received a Master's of Administration from Loyola University in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and recently received my certification from IPEC as a certified professional life coach.

I work with clients to change their energy and find their most authentic self.  We set goals and work through blocks that are holding them back from reaching these goals.  In coaching the client and coach work together to reach the goals that are set by the client.  It isn't about looking into the clients past and the coach doing all of the talking.  We will work on the fears that are holding clients back from telling their spouse that they want a divorce, the  issues that may be causing  stress, for example, finances, telling their children, or living on their own.  We work through these fears and I help clients move through their journey at their own pace.

It is amazing to watch as a client progresses from negative to a more, positive, serene, stress free energy level.

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