The Secret To Sexual Satisfaction In Middle-Aged Women

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Plus: why men shouldn't ignore a low libido.

A recent study in the UK concluded that middle-aged women are more sexually satisfied than their male counterparts. As a marriage and family therapist who is often asked about sexuality, I was intrigued by this finding and decided to do some research of my own. Here's what I found.

Mary Clegg, who is a sex and relationship psychotherapist and the chair of the British Association of Sexual Education (BASE) said, ''This research points to a number of interesting findings. Firstly, that levels of sexual satisfaction appear to be related to expectations and it seems that UK women are easily pleased in their later years  or at least become easier to please than their husbands as time goes by."

According to what I've heard from my own clients, I would think the finding has something to do with the fact that women tend to be more verbal than men and as they mature, women are more able to ask for what they want and are more open about what gives them pleasure. For some reason, men have a more difficult time telling women what they enjoy sexually.

Other experts warn women not to take their partners' lack of sexual interest as a sign of "slowing down." Rather, it could be an indication of an underlying health condition with serious implications. They say a lack of sex drive and weak erections are key symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome (TDS), a condition which may affect up to two percent of men over 40. It is caused by low testosterone and often linked to diabetes, heart disease, depression and weight gain.

When I hear about a low sex drive or decreased libido, I always recommend a check up by the PCP (primary care physician) for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is a SE (side effect) of depression and of several medications, including antidepressants. Furthermore, TDS can be ruled out through a simple blood test and clinical assessment by the PCP. Keep reading ...

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