10 Golden Rules Of Shopping

Have you ever ventured into your local mall and you broke out in a cold sweat of confusion after a few minutes?

You are not alone, my friend. Millions of women all over the world become anxious when faced with thought of shopping. Yes it's true. My research shows that not all women have the 'shopping gene'. Many find this shocking, especially the male population.

I have developed a sure-fire strategy, so here are my 10 Golden Rules if you are ready to dive in the shopping pool. Happy swimming and I wish you much success.

1) Create a 'to buy' list and don't veer off into the makeup department no matter how much that new Dior lipstick is calling your name.

2) Wear proper undergarments and shoes for a good view of your outfit.

3) Shop mornings - it's less crowded, the merchandise is tidy, and the sales associates are fresh.

4) Look for the most important item on your list first, while you are bright and alert AND before lunch. (Definitely buy swimsuits and lingerie BEFORE lunch).

5) Follow your Intuition - if you have to talk yourself into it, it's not right, so pass.

6) Always check for quality workmanship no matter whose name is on the label. Even some of the top designers have poor workmanship. This I know for a fact.

7) Buy classics - for special occasions so you're not caught short - last minute shopping begets bad color and fit.

8) Check stores return policy- and use it, rather than settle.

9) Never, ever shop when you are hungry and tired. Bad decisions are made on an empty stomach and when you are fatigued! I sure have made some myself when I was tired...Rod Stewart-like leopard printed suede pants (what can I say? it was the 80's)

10) Only buy clothes that flatter your figure and are comfortable, no matter how cute they are or how much they are marked down. Ill-fitting clothes are no bargain, EVER!

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