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A woman alive to her sacred sexual and sensual power, her SHAKTI, radiates a kind of energy that transforms the atmosphere around her and heals the planet as a whole. 

About Lisa Schrader

Hi I’m Lisa Schrader, founder of Awakening Shakti. You may have seen my work with women and sacred sexuality on Oprah, Vh1 and Oxygen. I’m also the author of Kama Sutra 52: A Year’s Worth of the Best Positions for Passion and Pleasure plus I’m a certified coach with the International Coach Federation. But enough about me...

Let’s talk about you. As a high-achieving woman, you know how to work hard, look good, make it all happen and give abundantly to others. It’s a model of success that thrives on testosterone. Works great for men, but NOT for your feminine body and spirit.

Relying on your masculine energy without nourishing your feminine source is like trying to grow a rose with plenty of sun but not enough water. The results can be burn-out, exhaustion, failed relationships, depression, and sexual disinterest or dysfunction. Plus it will make you cranky and you'll start looking old.

The times call for a revolution in how you access personal power as a woman: more sustainably by honoring your natural feminine rhythm, more heart-centered and sensually alive, less frenetic doing and improving.

When you start tapping into the magnetic power of your authentic feminine radiance, or Shakti, you more effortlessly draw to you what’s wanted from a place of deep receptivity, pleasure and joy. Mmmm that feels better. You can feel the Goddess within you recognizing sanity, goodness, inspiration and love. You can hear her exhale and relax, “Yessss.”

My work draws on experience working with thousands of women in my coaching programs and retreats over the last decade. It’s also infused with my own richly sensual and human journey which has included a beautiful 20 year marriage, the bliss and boredom of monogamy, the expansion and contraction of polyamory (more accurately "poly-agony"), being left by my husband, coping with betrayal and divorce, dating and being single, truly falling in love with myself, calling in the spiritual Beloved, knowing the sublime union of the sacred masculine and feminine within, and then volia, meeting the man of my dreams.

My tantric life has also included taking out the compost, running several businesses, writing books, raising a daughter, grieving two miscarriages, indulging in a ridiculous amount of exquisite self care, and building my beautiful home on the river.

You’ve been through it too and likely you’re in it now. Times are wacky and, from all reports, likely to get a lot wackier. As Clarissa Pinkola Estes reminds us, “Do not lose heart my friends. We were made for these times.”

Now more than ever before, it’s critical to have sacred feminine practices to support us and not go it alone. Here is where we find and sustain our radiance so we can be a light to ourselves and others.

The Shakti Practices I teach help you move through obstacles more quickly, tap you into your core power and magnetism, support you to process stress quickly out of your system, get you grounded, open your heart to more love, and bathe you in life-giving pleasure, sensuality and natural vitality. Not as a way to escape life. As a way to open more deeply into the mystery of life itself.

I know because I take my own medicine. These Shakti practices have launched me into the awakening I have spent my life searching for (be careful about what you ask for). Transformation has occured on every level, including the regular experience now of spontaneous “joy-gasms” even when there’s no good reason to have one. Even when there’s no man in my life. This from a girl who had a history of disinterest and discomfort with sex.

It’s in you. It’s your birthright. It’s your authentic feminine power. It’s the energy that creates life. It’s love, energy and spirit. And it’s my deepest pleasure to gently support you with awakening it.

Be part of the Shakti sisterhood and take your spot in our sacred circle of women from around the world who participate in my intimate group coachingSix Month Unleash Your Shakti Power Initiation Program by phone. You won’t recognize yourself when you’re done. Limited spots available so check my website for more details.

I also offer Private Coaching by phone if you want to work one on one.

I have a free gift for you and instead of another thing that you probably won’t read, it’s something beautiful instead. Stop by www.AwakeningShakti.com so I can give it to you.

Blessings on your loving,


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