6 Effective Remedies That Will Help Treat Your Anxiety Naturally

Help yourself heal without meds.

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Approximately 30 percent of North American adults have suffered from anxiety at some point in their lives. And the social costs are incalculable. That's why finding the best treatment for your anxiety is critical.

But you don't always have to turn to medicine. If you're looking for a natural anxiety treatment, these remedies that help treat anxiety could be the right solution for you.

Here are some of the best ways to help treat anxiety naturally:


1. Homeopathic remedies

While within Homeopathy we are called to know a case fully before making a prescription, there are several remedies which are known to appease anxiety:

  • Aconite can be used in cases where there is sheer panic and fear of dying. There may be thirst or dry mouth. There may be restlessness or heart palpitations. Argentrum 
  • Nitricum comes to mind in downward spiraling of anxiety characterized by obsessive thinking through "what if's." 
  • Arsenicum may suit cases of chronic restlessness and concern regarding the wellbeing of others or the future, with waking between midnight at 2 AM.

2. Essential oils

There are 3 essential oils that can ease your body's tension:

  • Rose
  • Frankincense
  • Lavender

Essential oils are convenient in that they can be diffused into the air continuously, sometimes lending a sense of well-being beyond alleviation of anxiety. They can also be massaged gently onto the skin with a carrier oil or even inhaled from a vial that you can carry around with you to provide discreet support in a pinch.

Of these three the first two are my favorites. There is likely a knowledgeable DoTerra or Young Living distributor near you that has access to research and can answer questions about these amazing oils. Essential oils are also sold in most health food stores and even carried by some healthcare practitioners

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3. Acupressure

Harness the calming power of acupressure by gently rub these points of your body anytime your anytime you're feeling anxious:

  • C17: This is in the indentation near the bottom of your ribcage. 
  • PC6: This is three finger widths up from your wrist on the inside of your arm. 
  • HT7: This is just under the bottom inner corner of your palms.

Acupuncture.com provides fairly comprehensive education about these points, if you want to learn more.

4. Shifting to a positive mindset 

These techniques for changing your mindset can help treat your anxiety and, when combined, they can be life-changing. While you can get beginner benefits on your own, consult a trained practitioner for deeper results:

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5. Lifestyle habits

Nutrition is obviously important. But these three lifestyle choices are often underrated when it comes to their importance in easing anxiety:

  • Get more sleep: TS Wiley elaborates about this in her book, Lights Out.
  • Make sure you're always hydrated: Find out more about this in The Water Cure.
  • ExerciseThe Anxiety and Depression Association of America reminds us the importance of exercise. We are meant to move. Anytime we are not in line with what we are meant to be doing we will feel some type of anxiety.  

6. Yoga

Connecting with your breath and body through yoga can help ease your anxiety. These three poses can help:

  • Child’s Pose
  • Tree
  • Headstand

But I want to sneak another yoga-related technique in here: Alternate Nostril Breathing. It can do wonders for anxiety, too! Most people do not learn about it if they just dip their toe into yoga. But if you search for it specifically, you will find it. It is easy to learn and, like acupressure, you can do it just about anywhere. 


Hopefully some of these natural remedies that help treat anxiety can ease your worries naturally, so you can move one step closer toward becoming your happiest and healthiest self.

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Lisa Torres is the founder of Access Homeopathy, a telemedicine platform that provides professional, regulated, and affordable homeopathic consultations. If you're looking for a trained Homeopath who can help you find ways to reduce your anxiety naturally, reach out to schedule a virtual homeopathic consultation.