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Creator of Living On Purpose-Whole Life Planning For Conscious Living

Specializing in helping mid-life professionals find what is missing in their lives. Teaching/Coaching them to have more of what we all want more of in life-Love, joy, peace, success, and health. Contact me now at Linda@PictureYourPurpose.com or 1-800-859-9002


Hi, I’m Linda Marie, RN, BSN Holistic Health Nurse and Life coach. My passion is to inspire you and transform your life so you’ll enjoy living in a way you’ve only imagined. My life transformed this way.

Since I was in my late teens, I always knew something was missing from my life. Since that time, I’ve been on a mission to find out what life is all about and to help others have a better life. About twelve years ago I realized I was successful in my career, but it didn’t matter how many goals I set or reached, the deep joy of living just wasn’t there. I was generally happy, but something was missing. Parts of my personal life were working and other parts not so well. So again, I started searching and studying. I decided to get a business and personal coach and continue my education in psychology, brain science and spirituality. I got clear on my life’s purpose, what I’m living for, and got balanced in all parts of my life. This of course was a process, but well worth it. My life has changed dramatically. I made a true transformation. Now I have equal success and joy in both my personal and professional life. I truly have a life I love by my design!

I’ve been so excited about what I discovered, I developed a system so I can teach you what I’ve learned and shorten your learning curve. This system is called Living On Purpose-Whole Life Planning For Conscious Living. Using a unique combination of Education, Positive Coaching and Holistic Living. I hold the container for you to show up as the best you and discover the marvelous whole person who is already inside of you. I help you discover what’s missing in your life and show you how to have everything you’ve always wanted in your life.

I specialize in working with professional between the ages of 40-60 who have found success in their careers but find something is missing from their lives. Those who want more of what we all want in life-Love, happiness, success, security, balance, vital energy and health. Contact me now!

Success Stories

My Path Is Now Clear

Men seeking a relationship

     Linda's refined process approach and personal help has guided me to a better understanding of growth, fulfillment and happiness by defining a general awareness and, most importantly, a sense of purpose. This is supported by pillars or principles in the areas of health and fitness, spirituality, personal support systems, better time organization, life planning and self-enrichment. For me, early steps on the path of continual improvement includes piano lessons as a creative outlet; regular exercise and steadily improving diet planning, regular utilization of library resource; visiting churches for consistent positive and spiritual messaging and to start building my personal social community. These changes do not happen overnight of course, but with Linda's help, the path has been shown to me.more


A Gift Of A Lifetime-A Relationship With Myself

Women seeking spiritual guidance

Linda Marie has a unique way of allowing me to feel free to be a witness to my own daily relationship I have to myself. What a gift!
By working with Linda, I have learned to be more compassionate, kind and accountable to my own needs. This is a gift of a lifetime!more

Thank you Linda


Living In My Power And Purpose

Men seeking spiritual guidance

 "Linda brings a new and unique approach to teaching others about how powerful they really are and can be in body, mind and spirit. She is a breath of fresh air for those seeking to find their purpose. A truly authentic and compassionate being!more

Thank You Linda!"  


I Found My Purpose


Linda is the first personal coach I have ever gone to, and I'm glad I did!more

She has truly helped me find clarity and purpose amongst a plethera of life changes, as well as shared knowledge with me that I would not have been able to obtain anywhere else. I find her extremely knowledgeable and intelligent and she is wonderful at helping you find motivation when you are lacking it. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking more purpose in their life.

- Sallie Keys


I'm Now Relationship Ready!

Women seeking a relationship

Linda's depth of holistic knowledge and personal life experience combine with her gentle nurturing manner to create a wonderful coaching experience.
For me, the highlight was how she was able to quickly pinpoint my self-limiting beliefs in a very kind way, and offer specific and do-able steps that have really worked- all while encouraging and celebrating the smaller changes along the way. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services for anyone seeking more purpose, clarity, or balance in their lives. Coaching with Linda has really helped me on my way to finding the relationship with myself and a man I want in my life.more

Thanks Linda!

Janet E. Schultz, M.S.W.
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