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Happy is a verb. It is a choice we make, not something we chase.

About Linda Perry

Most of us just want to be truly and genuinely happy.

Like so many of us, when I was young I was told that if I did all the right things – go to school, build a career, find love, have children – that I would find happiness. So, I went to school, became a lawyer, got married, had children, and guess what? I spent most of my young adult life deeply unhappy.

Whether it was my work, my broken first marriage, single parenting or the latest crisis that may have hit my life, I always found a reason to be unhappy. I was always searching for that “right” thing to do that would be the magic pill for me. From having the right relationship, enough money in the bank, looking a certain way or weighing a certain weight – I was always looking for things outside of myself to source my happiness. And while I would experience moments of happiness, true happiness always eluded me. 

There is no magic pill.

Happiness, as it turns out, is not something you find. Happiness is a verb™. Not the kind that had me looking at my husband or my job or my kids to make me happy, but the kind that requires taking the steps to ensure, guard and build my daily happiness. It is the countless little choices and actions we take each and every day that ultimately build our deep sense of personal happiness. 

For me, it began several years ago with a simple choice to take an eight week recorded class given by author and teacher, Debbie Ford. Her work changed my life. What started with that simple choice, then led to bigger choices and the courage to change my life in tremendous ways: I stopped making others’ opinions matter more than my own and learned how to uncover limiting beliefs that held me back from being really happy. From there, I learned to set boundaries, build happiness anchors and explore the things that truly made me happy.

And as a result, my relationship with my children and now-husband grew stronger and I even gained the ability to leave my career of sixteen years as a litigation attorney to follow my passion: coaching people to find their true happiness.

I am a Breakthrough Shadow Coach and Heal Your Heart Coach. Based on the lifelong work of Debbie Ford, coaching is about empowering you to transform and change your life beyond your imagination. Everyone’s vision of happiness is different; I work directly with you to help you uncover your vision and create what you have always wanted. I am also currently working on my own Happiness Workshop to share with you all I learned on my journey toward genuine happiness! 


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