Anxiety Issues

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25 years +


Encinitas CA 92024 - United States



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Counselor/Therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage Educator

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I Believe

I am doing my best to live with passion, compassion and self-awareness.

About Linda Kaiser

I came to clinical social work indirectly. I had planned to pursue an academic career in psychology but at age 21 love intervened and I changed course. I obtained a random job as a case aide in a family service agency where I was introduced to clinical social work and knew I had found my career. I was trained at Hunter College School of Social Work and started working where I had interned in NYC. It was the early days of family therapy and I was drawn to this new field and it has influenced my work with individuals and couples. 

In addition I have been both a step-daughter and a stepmother, so was attracted to this field from my personal experience. There was so much I did not understand growing up, particularly about relationships.  I was raised in a family  with many secrets about illness, sexuality and relationships that left me confused.  But I was also a very social child, that greatly enjoyed people.  I wanted to understand how we could be more accessible to each other and help others not suffer with the secrets and misunderstandings that hurt me when I was younger.

I have taught classes for step-families and couples as well as done individual and couples counseling for the past half-century in both private practice and clinic settings. I recently started working part-time to help provide child care to my young grandsons and write a blog on relationships for Griffith, Young & Lass a family law firm in San Diego.

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