5 Simple Dating Tips To Help You Get Over Your First Date Nerves

You've got this.

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Dating advice and first date tips are necessary to seek out if you want to calm anxiety, worry and nervousness before meeting up with your new love interest. 

Going on a date — or dating someone for the first time ever — can be a challenge; especially if you haven't had any first date experience and need some dating advice.

Dating is supposed to be fun, but what is there to do on a first date? It can be overwhelming if you're looking for online dating tips and don't even know where to start.


The nervousness is understandable. Confidence-related issues before going on a date are pretty common.

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Here are 4 simple first date tips you can use to keep yourself relaxed while on a first date and have a good time:


1. Feel confident in your appearance

You're going on a date and the first thing that will strike your mind is probably to work on your look. You may have your reservations about how important your appearance should be, but the fact remains that looks matter significantly to both you and your date.

You might feel that physical appearance isn't the most important thing for a first impression, but you need to realize that your date may not share the same thoughts and put a lot of effort into their own appearance.

Everyone has their preferences. Simply put, make sure you look good and feel comfortable. After all, there's nothing wrong with wanting to impress on a first date.

2. Make sure you're clean and smell good

Hygiene matters are often not taken seriously, but don't make this mistake when you go on a date!


Your hygiene will have an impact on the other person, so make sure you're leaving a good one. Showering, fresh clothes, and some deodorant or perfume are important parts of making a lasting impression.

3. Don't let your nerves overwhelm you

If you suffer from headaches or other medical issues and forget to take care of them, not only will your date be miserable, but also you’ll be miserable all evening.

Nervousness leading up to a first date can upset your stomach, make you light-headed, or even give you a headache, so getting rid of it beforehand so you can enjoy yourself is important.

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This is especially important if you have any conditions that are aggravated by your nerves.

If you have any other issues that may prevent you from having a good time while you're dating, make sure you don't forget your medicine and preventative care so you can just spend your time on the date enjoying yourself rather than worrying about it.

4. Prepare yourself to answer some questions

Need to know what to talk about on a first date? Having some good first date topics in mind before you go is smart!

Your date will have some questions, too, hopefully, so preparing yourself mentally to answer such questions — and to have some to ask, as well, is a good idea.


However, you should remember that it's a date, and there's no need for you to feel like you’ll be interrogated — or to interrogate your date! Make sure to keep it relaxed, fun, and pressure-free.

5. Have some thoughts in your mind to share with your date

There might be a number of questions in your mind, and you would want to ask them all.

However, asking each and every question that is in your mind might not be a smart thing to do. So, shortlist your questions and make sure that you allow yourself to be ready with relevant questions only.


It should help you get along with your date and let them be happy with the time they spend with you.

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