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Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Sex Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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I hereby release you from my projection that you are the cause of my feelings AND I hereby release you from my expectation that you are the solution to my feelings.

About Lewis Brown Griggs

As a diversity trainer for 35 years, I still specialize in helping people "maximize their relationship potential” - from the boardroom to the bedroom. Thank you for taking a moment to learn a bit more about me.

My clients engage me as a catalyst to understanding (and welcoming) their differences as a means of getting and staying connected — to themselves and to others. Our differences have a way of dividing us, yet our sincere understanding of those differences will almost always unite us. I work with highly conscious clients interested in experiencing and enhancing their intimacy through their monogamous relationship.  

As children we each learned the survival skills most conducive to our getting the approval that kept us safe. Whatever survival skills we mastered enabled us to continue those tactics for better and for worse in order to succeed throughout our lives. And so often we unconsciously attract and/or co-create personal and professional relationships through outdated survival skills. We almost always start out in a connected relationship only to find ourselves no longer feeling the depth of connection and compassion we hope and strive for. Our differences seem greater than our connection. 

With personally facilitated co-active coaching, we can erase or edit those survival patterns we learned so young, and re-write our personal (and professional) life script. This re-writing enables us to fully create and live out our dream of being all we are capable of being, for ourselves and for our partners.

My life changing learnings from two Near Death Experiences (see my TEDx Talk "The Gift of Near Death" and documentary "Beyond Our Sight") called me to become a professional helping individuals to have better relationships from the boardroom to the bedroom. In our love relationships, we need to interact with 100% honesty, authenticity and personal responsibility in order to enhance our spiritual, emotional, sensual and sexual intimacy. If we settle for no less, then we can experience a profoundly life-affirming love and connection with our partner.

I have lived and worked all over the world, hold an Amherst College BA and Stanford University MBA, and am a CTI-Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. In my free time I love to spend time with my family, walk in nature, enjoy the geese and ducks on my houseboat, kayak with the seals, play endless tennis, and enjoy life with my partner. You can learn more about my approach to personal intimate relationship by viewing my interview with Moriah Fey on Love's the Magic, and Life with Jessica discussions about my near death experiences and perspectives on love and spirit. I also invite you to visit my Facebook page, and look forward to connecting with you.

Lewis Brown Griggs Success Stories

The Magic of Co-Creation


“Lewis brings more than intelligence and excellent training to his coaching practice. His extraordinary life experiences inform his personal coaching in a special, unique and completely authentic way. The gift he gives to his clients is the magic of co-creation, which is no small thing. I enjoyed 100 sessions with Lewis over three years and am profoundly changed in my approach to my relationships, my career, and my life. Thank you, Lewis, for opening me up to the rich possibilities of my intention!” ~ Toni Piccinini, Author, The Goodbye Year 

Invaluable Support


“I worked with Lewis over a period of several months while I was choosing to make a major career transition – effectively taking a leap of faith based on a strong desire to follow my passion. Lewis provided invaluable support in the form of co-active coaching. He balanced being a champion of my unlimited potential by continually reflecting back my resourcefulness or strength and at the same time guiding me toward concrete action, even when I was gripped with hesitation. Lewis always created a space in which it was clear that he wanted the very best for me and trusted in my full potential. In addition, his ability to bring his own authentic self to the relationship allowed me to move quickly to a place of trust, which in turn opened up the possibility of true discovery during our conversations. Lewis ensured that he was fully present, quickly addressing whatever needed to be processed to get himself there. He then allowed his authentic interest and curiosity, ability to listen and reflect, and his own intuition and experience to create a unique and present experience each time.” ~ Wendy Jones

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