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3-5 years


Lake Charles LA 70601 - United States



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Attorney, Business Coach, Change Management Expert, Dating Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Healer

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

We are worth the love, not because of what we do, or do not do, but because of who we are...beautiful sparks of the Divine.

About LeNae Goolsby

Thank you so much for this opportunity to introduce myself to you.  I am a lawyer turned intuitive personal empowerment life coach.  Although I was anticipating having a successful legal career after graduating from Tulane University Law School in the spring of 2010, I was derailed from pursuing practice through a series of catalyst events. 

The skills and expertise I’d developed in medical practice administration, prior to going to law school, were once again being called upon by my husband, Dr. Trip Goolsby, and his private community medical oncology practice.  His practice, our family’s livelihood, had been devastatingly impaled by local and national medical politics, as well as the crisis in pharmaceutical costs and acquisition and the ever-deepening Medicare cuts to physician reimbursement.  Almost overnight we found ourselves millions of dollars in debt unable to meet our personal financial obligations, much less afford the chemotherapy drugs needed to continue providing cancer care.  My world went upside down and I quickly escalated from shock, to depression, to anger.  In my anger, I identified a couple of individuals as the malevolent culprits responsible for my family’s financial crisis.

Mentally I became fixated on getting back at the people “responsible” for ruining my life. One night, as I was watching the CW show, Revenge, I realized that I was not watching the show for entertainment, but rather for inspiration.  It was in that moment that I realized that I could not continue to live in that state of mind anymore, turned off the TV and never watched that show again.  Instead, I chose to do a 180 and began a spiritual pursuit that led me to a quote spoken by Dr. Wayne Dyer that resonated like an epiphany for me: “We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.”   From here I delved deeper into the works of Dr. Dyer, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, the stories of Dr. Eben Alexander and Anita Moorjani, and found amazing and enlightening resources from Vishen Lakhiani’s www.MindValley.com.  Over time, my perspective on all of my past experiences shifted and clarity, inner peace and forgiveness replaced depression, stress and anger and that unhinged desire for revenge.   

At the end of 2013, my husband and I successfully transitioned his oncology practice into what is known today as Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center.  This venture provides medicine for the body, mind & soul via Trip’s 4 Pillar Approach™ to optimized healthcare. Today, men and women from all over who are ready for more than what traditional reactive medicine has to offer seek Infinite Health out.  Trip’s patient/partners are achieving amazing transformation results, lives that would have never been reached had we not gone through the fire, so to speak.

I began personal empowerment coaching during my training via Quantum Success Coaching Academy, as I also continued to work alongside Trip, and take fulltime care of our children (and 3.5 dogs).  My clients have boasted amazing successes in repairing their relationships with romantic partners, work colleagues, and family members, finding new love, cultivating a life they love, as well as attaining clarity and overcoming blocks and fears related to career transitions and/or entrepreneurial desires, and achieving health goals.  In addition to my new partnership with YourTango.com, I write a monthly column entitled, Worth the Love, for The Voice of Southwest Louisiana and have contributed to www.InspiredWorldMagazine.com.   

I am blessed on a daily basis by my husband (married since 2003, dated for 5 years before that – a whole other story), and am also doted on with warm hugs and kisses from my three fab children, Laura Belle (23), IV (10), & Huck (5). I truly have a life that is worth the love and if you desire to create the same, I’m your expert.  

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